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Faith's End: Godfall

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"The Heart and Soul of our world met the Red Tempest of our species and is now without faith. Doomed to coil around the sun like a dying serpent in a bleeding desert," - Scholar Pulram.

It is a time of darkness in the hearts of mortals. On a day unlike any other, in a battle meant to be standard fare, their lives were changed forever. Now, they have fallen, so quickly, to the vices of despair, misery, and fanaticism. The worst of them reign supreme with kratocratic tyranny, each squabbling over stretches of land and driving their subjects into poverty, fear, and mountains of the dead. By their hands, entire nations will fall, and whole peoples will be eradicated over petty reasons of ideological differences and speciesism.

But all is not so bleak for everyone. Jira ne'Jiral, the knight of secrets, refuses to bow to those men and women who so callously obliterate the world, fighting to protect a world that distrusts her. Orlantha Quills, broken and lost, wanders the world with her enigmatic companion in search of the truth. Gíla Arsinoe, a Drayheller of little renown, works with the fates themselves for the salvation of the future. Three stories that will converge as the world itself splits apart in chaos and madness.

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