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After Ragnarok (GL - Norse Progression Fantasy)

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Author: Type:Male

The Twilight of the Gods has come and gone Yggdrasil burned and the realms shook, but even endings end. Now the prophecies are over, the world tree regrows, the Aesir and Vanir stalk the empty halls of their once mighty realms as mortals grow and flourish, in this new age they have tamed steam and steel covering the nine realms in iron rails and grand castles, warm homes and busy foundries each grander than the last, this is the Age of the Dawn, and its already in danger.

In this new age lives a a young vitki (wizard) called Erika who has just had an accident with some very expensive reagents. Now driven by a desire to avoid disappointing her mother Erika joins an expedition chasing rumors of an ancient relic that just might decide the fate of the age. As a prisoner from before Ragnarok strains at his chains, Erika will find herself in a saga of her very own leaving her with only one choice, grow stronger or fall.

Norse progression fantasy, NOT litrpg, LGBTQ+ protagonist

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