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Warrior, Wizard, Demon Queen?

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Sometimes death would be the end of it all.

Not for her though. She isn't so lucky.

She gets a second chance at a life of sorts as Keza'zoth.

Even if it quite possibly won't be much of a life.

It wont be life as she used to know it either.

Life can be pretty tough for a young demoness after all.

Sword and Sorcery? Sure.

Dungeons, Dragons and all that? Probably.

Hardships and Peril? Most certainly.

Fame and Riches? Maybe.

If she gets really lucky.

Or if she works really hard.

Cover done by me.

The story is currently updated once a week. Usually on Saturday, around 18:00 (GMT+1).

For the duration of the Writathon there will be daily updates.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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