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World of Alvarra: Rise of the Vampire Lord

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Van was born a dhampir with memories of past lives that plague him. If he does not overcome them, he may face a slow descent into insanity. Growing up in a world where the memories of his past lives, clash with the truth of this strange new world. A world where women outnumber men to a large margin and are in control. Filled with magic, ki, aura, and creatures from other dimensions trying to break into his world to devour it. Will Van survive and thrive and make sense of it all?

This is a story where I’m hoping to take some things and put them on its head. Everyone has heard of isekai about now, but has anyone ever really contemplated what it would be like to have voices, visions, or archaic ideas and views swim around a person's mind? We also hear about how the mc’s always gets the harem. But what if that's because there are more women than men and women are somewhat biologically different then the women we know from our world. Imagine a society where anyone can become strong and since there are more women than men, there are more stronger women than stronger men and now apply medieval history and a view that men are lower than women because the goddess made women in her image. And what if, the mc isn’t the only one with memories of past lives, and he meets some people who have been driven insane because of it?

This is my first time writing a book and showing it to potential thousands of people. I won’t promise that my work will be good right off the bat. But I'm hoping that, with enough constructive criticism, I can provide an interesting read for all comers and improve to match and exceed the expectations put on me.

The image used above does not belong to me. Warning! There is blood, gore, sex, and rape!(not anymore...) I may not be a good writer yet, but I will try to give a more realistic and authentic view of this world. This world and what you know of it will be of the view of the mc. So if something does not make sense to you, it probably does not to the mc ethier.

Finally. For the sex or smut, scenes. I will hide them under spoiler. But you should not have to worry about it until somewhere around chapter nineteen or twenty, so if you don’t want to continue reading a book with sex, stop there. I will also be putting an NSFW sign in the chapter heading to warn people ahead of time. (all sex scenes will now be moved to my Patreon and scribblehub.)

Thank you for reading and please help me become the writer I am hoping to be as well as the writer you all deserve to read from.

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