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Conquest of Avalon

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The Kingdom of Avalon swept across the Empire of the Fox a generation past, conquering the heartlands and leaving the broken remnants to stew in the island duchy of Guerron.

This isn't a story of Good versus Evil, of kindly kings doing their best to lift all subjects, or of unvarnished heroes doing battle against evil.

Instead, this story is about power: who has it, who wants it, and what people will do to obtain it. It is about the violence inherent in the imperial project and how even the most well-intentioned rulers and conquerors are, still, engaging in systemic violence against those conquered and defeated.

Our three point-of-view characters are a peasant turned fire wizard, an excitable duelist with more enthusiasm than sense, and a scheming mage-priestess bent on reclaiming her family's birthright and waging war on the foreign oppressors who rule her home... no matter the cost in blood or treasure.

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