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Legend of the Lost Star

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Book 1: First Light

Synopsis: As a war of epic proportions enters a ceasefire, a soul from another world enters a dead boy's body. Without any memories of who he was, with only a little companion by his side, the lost soul begins his long, arduous journey to recover his memories, while unraveling the mysteries of a war-torn world. Why was he sent here? And where will he go now? Even he himself does not know. But one thing is for certain: the world will never be the same again.

Book 2: Foredoomed to a Rendezvous

Synopsis: As war continues to break out between the Five Lands, Gaius finds himself inheriting a legacy of ancient times. With the flames of battle spreading through the South once again, the lost soul throws himself into battle over and over, in an attempt to protect his home and those he holds dear. How will the boy, nearly unrivalled in martial might, fare in a web of conspiracies beyond his ken?

Book 3: The Last and the Lost

Synopsis: The boy has set himself an unbelievable target in a bid to save someone precious to him. With his former home now out of reach, he stalks the Southern Continent, inciting rebellion and revolution where possible to lure his prey out. Meanwhile, in the heart of the South, embers of war begin to rekindle. Will it be the death knell of yet another nation millennia old?

Book 4: The Unravelling World

Synopsis: Time is not on Gaius' side. Everyday life, already disturbed by the flames of mortal war, falls apart entirely as beings of legend once again appear on Orb. Forced to a foreign land to treat his injuries, the boy must confront the outcomes of his actions, directly and indirectly. But the tide is rising. Countless enemies are throwing themselves against the nations of Orb, cleaving a path of blood wherever they go. Gaius has to hurry...or drown with the rest.

Book 5: World's End, Divines' Rondo

Synopsis: The great gods of Orb have staked their claim on the world itself, killing all in their way. Each of the Cardinal Continents are fighting their own battles and making their own peace, but none are aware of the growing threat from the Wildlands, where a self-exiled legend continues to gather strength. Meanwhile, a new threat stalks the whole of Orb, killing whatever remains of the Constellation Heroes. Against such a chaotic backdrop, a boy continues to protect a semblance of daily life for his loved ones, but will he be successful when the curtains finally open?

Book 6: The Frenzied Tide

Synopsis: A sword hangs above the Eastern Territories. The Human God, progenitor of all life, the direct cause of the beastfolk genocide, has made his will known to the rulers of the East — make peace with the God of Water, or be destroyed in three months. Gaius, who has left the battlefield to return home, is once again called to fight, to support a do-or-die offensive upon their foe's territory.

But in the background, the threads of destiny are beginning to come together. Plots set in motion long ago are coming to fruition...

Book 7: Limina of Ruin

Synopsis: The chalice has broken. The East is beset with turmoil, as factions turn on each other. The Great Divide, however, brims with a setting radiance, ensuring a final, transient peace. And in the midst of it all, one young boy follows the fettered winds and the unshackled waters, heading to a new land to uphold a promise. For him, the days of fighting will be a distant memory before long...and a daily event in the years to come.

Uncovering ancient memories, putting to rest regrets, enjoying the last of a peaceful life...the people of the Five Lands will live to their fullest. Yet, this is but the calm before the storm.

Book 8: Power Talks


Fate. A curious word to most...and a frightening word to Gaius. Alongside the rulers of the North, Gaius witnesses frightening truths, proof of an inevitable future. Spurred by a myriad chilling revelations and urged by a god's killer, the Mortal Light Dynasty gathers both mortal rulers and divine sovereigns, covering past conflicts with a offer of cooperation of an unprecedented scale.

However, can this unity, first of its kind, stand up to time, fate and mortal nature? Or will it burn, along with the Five Lands?

Book 9: Homeland Song


Gazing out at the Orb of old, Gaius ponders his destiny and the great stakes with it. Time and again, he has led a life of choices, making one after another for the sake of those he cares about. His latest choice, however, carries implications of an immeasurable scale. Charged with the protection of the future, all that awaits him is an eternal solitude...

On the other side of the false world, a single star shines, one whose light is meant to protect. Gemini, who has long found a homeland in the form of Ark City, has spent years defending it with friends and family alike. However, an inexorable end is approaching. The day the Great Divide falls looms ever closer. At the crossroads of destiny, when the chains of fate bind him fully, what will the last Constellation choose?

And what will his choice mean for the rest of the Five Lands?

Book 10: Immortal Indignant

Synopsis: As the Five Lands reel from an unexpected revelation, Gaius continues his struggle to accept his immortal destiny of eternal vigilance. Mortal fetters continue to tie him down, with the prospect of breaking them a heart-rending prospect. There is little light for him in the darkness; his emotions seemingly a poisoned apple. For him, the days ahead are one of balancing his emotions; his immortal destiny is antithetical to the aspects that make one mortal.

However, he isn't the only immortal indignant at the current state of affairs. Behind the scenes, huge powers push and pull, tussling in an insane game of wrestling sanity. The Five Lands and the great gods prepare in the background, awaiting their time to strike...

Book 11: Cause Convergent


As Orb reels from an unexpected turn of events, the crumbling of the Great Divide speeds up. With time now at a premium, Gaius travels the world, addressing a particular personage's last will, while ensuring that he leaves no regrets behind. Revisiting the Five Lands with his beloved one last time, he casts his eyes to a new future, a world full of a peace forged by collective resistance.

Far away from Gaius, at the very borders of the Southern Continent, soldiers train day and night, awaiting the day the rift between worlds crumble. But the battlefield there isn't just between the Five Lands and the Wildlands...

Book 12: Boundary Belligerent

Synopsis: The rift between worlds crumble. The moon, the sun and the sky shatter, revealing the vast expanse beyond. The cold light of the stars gaze down upon Orb, illuminating a bloody battlefield at World's End, where gods and mortals wrestle. Immortal troops charge the Five Lands, over and over again, only to be repelled by vast engines of war. For many, the moment of destiny has arrived.

The Third Extermination has begun. However, Gaius gazes not at the present, but at the future beyond. What does he see there? And what will he do?

Book 13: Destiny Divergent

Synopsis: Bells ring, and destiny veers. Mortal miracles, having pierced a divine destiny, now turn their light of annihilation upon the legendary land of dangers and dark myth. A single being who should have slept forever reawakens, carrying out a inherited duty to protect. Under a dome of absolute law, the hulks that darken the skies are grounded, forcing the Five Lands to move ahead on foot. Hidden differences erupt, comrades turn upon comrades, and the alliance begins to crumble. What should have been a happy ending begins to fall apart.

Watching from high above, the Abyss Sovereign laments his weakness, cursing the new destiny laid upon the world. And yet, he will never give up.

Book 14: Abyss Ascendent

Synopsis: As a future of never-ending conflict draws closer, Gaius stands at the centre of Orb, his will tempered and set. What the Wildlands has ceased to be, he will inherit. Divine Kingdoms and mortal nations clamour for peace to prepare for greater wars, but Gaius will no longer stand for that. For the sake of his dream, the Five Lands — and now, the Wildlands — must be unified against a common enemy.

Gaius himself.

Raising the flag of rebellion against mortal nature and destiny, the Abyss Sovereign commences a festival of creation for his new world, a paradise unimaginable to both mortal and divine minds. With his intentions made known now, there is no going back.

He will succeed.

Or die trying.

Book 15: Terminus Transcendent

Synopsis: ???

This is a story that may, depending on how impatient you are, take some time to spin up. I have enough in my mind for a long run, so it's essential that I lay out a great deal of groundwork at the start. Eleven books have been released so far, and this work will end at Book 15. Be aware of late arrival spoilers!

My Patreon link is here, which allows for up to sixty-five advanced chapters ahead of the free releases, or if you'd just like to support me.

Release schedule: My original promise was 2 a week, minimally, but it's been a daily release for a long time. So yeah...

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