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Cutting to Life: an NPC LitRPG (Battle Royale)

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Nikola is an NPC in The World of Wills, a video game where players can feel sensations as if they were truly there. She leads a life of bloodshed and murder - that is, until one day she wakes up sapient. Just as she begins thinking real, non-scripted thoughts and making connections, she and the players in the game are told that if they die in the game, they die in real life - and it's time to get killing.

But what of Nikola, the emerging AI consciousness? How does she win in a game that can only end in her being wiped from existence at the end of it all?

- Updates Mondays and Fridays.

Cutting to Life is a slow-burn LitRPG with a villainous (later anti-hero, or maybe still villainous, haha) female lead.
It's told from the perspective of Nikola, an NPC within the World of Wills who's become sapient and is now mysteriously able to play the game as a PC. It's quite light for a LitRPG, but the system and stats become more of a focus later when Nikola herself can access them.
The story gradually builds into a Battle Royale where the players' lives are on the line (if you die in the game, you die in real life), and only one party of savvy adventurers can win. They'll have to spend their time and stats wisely as dungeons promising rare gear float down from the sky - but is a legendary sword worth killing someone for, knowing they'll stay dead forever? 
- This story is told in third person, past tense.
- This is a slow-burn LitRPG that spends a lot of time establishing its setting and characters, because I believe this will make for a better payoff in the end. As such, the Battle Royale doesn't start until chapter 30 or so.
- Chapters are anywhere between 800 words and 3000 words long.
- Book cover by Vixeona.
Cutting to Life is also being posted on SPB and Scribble Hub.
Thank you sincerely for reading.

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