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A New Kind of Freak (A dragon evolution story)

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Author: Type:Male

For dragons, those who dominate the food chain, growth is always a troublesome time. Left to fend for oneself with only a library of memories passed down as their inheritance, no fate is worse than being a failure before birth.

What can a small mutated hatchling do in such snowy outskirts? With few options besides magic, the Nexus provides a quick source of power, but that does not mean his enemies were without strength. Levels and stats are available to all in this dragon eat dragon wor-

"So... am I really made of Ice-cream?"

* * *

This is a Progression fantasy where the main concept is about the growing protagonist actually focusing on their own growth without passing through constant hoops for the sake of it. He stays out of trouble, albeit not always successfully, and only cares about evolving enough that he can hold his own weight in the world. Showing that being made of ice-cream isn't a weakness, but a strength when nurtered properly. Also it doesn't end in a protagonist who becomes/kills god, because that just doesn't fit the theme.

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