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What We Do to Survive

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Author: Type:Male

Orion had never asked for any of this. He would have been happy living out his life in obscurity as son, brother, husband, maybe even father and grandfather. Unfortunately, life and a cruel world had other plans for him.

Years later, he joins Avalon Academy, the greatest school of mages in the known world. Unfortunately, Avalon is better known for its incredible lethality and the cutthroat attitude it promotes among its students. The Academy's graduates number among the strongest mages in the world, but only a rare few live long enough to join that illustrious number.

Updates every Mon/Fri and some Wednesdays.

Absolutely horrible, screwed up things can and will happen, do not read if you are uncomfortable with that sort of content.

On a similar note, please be advised that the story contains explicit content. If you do not want to read that sort of thing, then this story is not for you.

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