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Azure Lineas: The Blue Line

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Author: Type:Male

Who watches the watchmen? Azure Lineas, The Blue Line, does. A technologically powered vigilante, Azure uses drones to protect the public from a police force who routinely uses deadly force against innocent citizens. The drone technology is quickly traced to a company run by Pierce Hawkins, a man made quadrapeligic years before by a stray police bullet in a shootout that killed an unarmed child. As the police and Azure escalate against each other, the public find themselves taking sides, and everyone asks, Who is Azure Lineas? And what line will The Blue Line not cross?
The story is told in alternating first person from Azure Lineas' perspective, but in a way that does not give their identity away, and in third person, following a variety of people who's lives are impacted when the Line draws across their paths.

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