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Apex Immortal: a LitRPG system rampage

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"Across the multiverse where the contest for power is the only constant, only a handful have succeeded in reaching the ultimate heights of ascendency and gained the title Apex Immortal. Dominus is one of them, unsurpassed in overwhelming violence, feared across universes.

Now, memories locked and stranded far away from everything he’d built, Dominus will face enemies that will challenge even his powers and discover that change is more difficult than destruction."

I’ve been writing fiction on and off for the last decade and I’ve always wondered how a peak immortal (or an OP superhero) would single handedly conquer a world that mirrors our own in all of its complexity.

As a politics nerd, this is my attempt at answering that question using Machiavelli’s “The Prince” as the primary playbook.

The “monsters” are entire political systems with entrenched culture. Expect many versions of real world political systems (and cultures) to be on the hit list.

The MC has to successfully institute regime and cultural change without engaging in wholesale genocide and causing the state to fail.

Expect things to go wrong pretty quickly as escalating and cascading political and economic effects rapidly go out of control. Methods deployed are not for the faint hearted.

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