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Man believes in his dreams, his hopes, his prayers. But what if those very prayers led to his downfall?

Humanity’s thirst for knowledge and greed for power has left it at the pinnacle of science. At least that’s what Smith believes. Working tirelessly on the ‘Spread Function’, he hopes to usher in a golden age for mankind and to reconnect with his wife and child, victims of his obsession with the Spread Function.

The world is not what it once was. Altered forever by ‘The Reckoning’, the survivors of humanity struggle to live on, drifting as nomads or forming small communities, sustained only by their own blood and sweat. This is the world that Esterian is born into. After learning of his father’s death at the hands of one known only as the 'Shadow of Heaven', he vows vengeance.

But there are other forces at work as well.

The rulers of the land, beings of unimaginable power known only as the ‘Holy Ones’ would twist Esterian’s rage to serve their own perverted motives. So too would the band of rebels called Advaitha, shrouded in mystery, their seemingly noble motive of reclaiming the world for man hiding a much darker agenda.

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