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Dean Winchester's latest book was going to cement him as the next big name in wilderness survivalist fiction, but editor Castiel Novak sees something else beneath the surface-the story Dean didn't realize he was telling.

Completion status: Completed, 17 chapters - being uploaded weekly

Non-explicit, slowburn alternate universe (AU) slash fic between bisexual Dean Winchester and gay asexual Castiel. Features a lot of country scenery and a lot of queer, light on the romance and sex.
Teen and up rating.
Disclaimer: This work is a fan fiction; I own nothing and no one from the Supernatural series, and you all know it.

Content warnings for the following: character being queer and closeted to avoid discrimination, coming out discussions, coming out, reference to people being harassed or attacked for being gay, mention of homophobic microaggressions, mention of past emotional abuse, descriptions of emotionally abusive behavior, mention of suicide, mention of people injured by tornadoes, use of intelligence-based pejoratives, negative self-talk, mention of sex, mention of someone feeling pressured in the context of sex, hiking accident, hospitalization / illness recovery, mention of minor character deaths (heart attack, car crash)

Being crossposted from AO3 (indyana) and WattPad (indyana207).

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