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The Wind Shifts

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Author: Type:Male

A wandering loner rescues a young exile, and by doing so is forced to reassess his place in the world.

Elloreah is one of the rare Ethereal. There is a demand for rare creatures such as Elloreah among the Mythic black markets. Mingan cannot turn a blind eye knowing what will become of her should she fall prey to poachers. By rescuing her, he finds himself pulled back into the vast network and influences of the Tutelar, the shadow organization that keeps the magical elements of Earth under wraps. His fate is soon intertwined with Elloreah's, whose exile from her homeworld is far more complicated than either of them realize.

This was an earlier draft of this novel. I'll be removing the majority of the story shortly. I hope anyone reading it got the chance to finish it. If not, and you'd like to do so let me know. I can link you to a finished version. In the meantime, I'm working on the rewrite.

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