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A Bard's Tale

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Author: Type:Male

A life is measured not in minutes alone, but in the time one spends as 'happy'. For Gage Gauner, unfiltered bad luck, a complete lack off respect from his peers, and near-incompentcy in every field... It's not the worst life. Not to him. However, a cheating, abusive spouse, the loss of his only supporter through Alzheimer's, and the betrayal of a friend are enough to make the man take a trip to a tall bridge.

He never intended to fall. He never wanted to die, even with life landing him in front wall after wall after wall. It was never Gage's intention to take his own life, but it all amounts to the same thing; Hour of introspection at the bottom of a river.

Journey along with a hopeless romantic hell-bent on making his second chance count. After all, a life is truly measured in the happiness one achieves through their own power.

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