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Tales of Emera

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Emera has had a hard life. One where she had never walked before. A life where her immune system deteriorated to the point where she could only remain in her sterilized home. It was her life, a life she had always known and been grateful for.

But when the chance arises for her to walk again, she takes the chance to be whole again. To be someone normal.

That chance brings her to grand new places as she plunges into the Pod universe. A whole universe of different worlds and places untouched by human hands. For this universe was created by artificial intelligences.

Thirty-four hundred, to be exact.

Now, as part of the research project she has joined, an artificial intelligence lives within her, one of the first of its kind that can actually communicate with its host.

Emera calls her Era.

Together, they will learn to walk. Together, they will explore a virtual game world created by over twenty-two hundred of the universe’s artificial intelligences, a masterpiece in gaming history. Together they will embark on a journey, across vast distances of unexplored lands as she reaches forth on an impossible journey in the world of Terramore Online.

For her, this will allow her to live the life she always wanted, free from her sterilized home and her useless legs.

To be free also means she needs to follow the Doctor’s orders, which means she needs to attend a virtual university where not all is as it seems.

Join Emera and Era on their journey in the Pod universe, for it will be a good one!

Hope you guys enjoy! Updates daily.

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