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Finding Stardust

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Author: Type:Male

"A man should have a bucket list, don't you think? It'd be nice to see 24 sunsets with you one day." - Haoran Lee

"Do you want to see how I would light up the sky for you?" - Crown Prince Therius

"I will be there till the stars don't shine." - Xion The Time Master

On her 17th birthday, Emma Stardust suddenly woke up on top of the Eiffel tower, completely oblivious of how she got there.

And then she realized that she could fly. Suddenly all her senses became enhanced and she could also control the earth's elements?

She finally realized that her powers were the secret to her past and her missing parents, a royal princess, and a formidable general from a planet called Akkadia who escaped their home planet because they loved each other.

Emma was resolute in finding them even if it means she had to go to the end of the universe. Will she meet her parents again? Will she find Akkadia? Will her powers bring her companies... or enemies?

Follow Emma's journey as she unravels the mystery surrounding her past and her future, and finds true love in the process.

If you like strong FL, space, astronomy, magic, science, and slice-of-life.. You will be spoiled by this book!

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