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Drezo Regalia

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Yami Hikari company had created a new game gear called the Embyro that are split into two different gears: the first is the deep dive gear called ‘Sense' and the second is high tech glasses called ‘Alive.' One is made to transport the players mind to a virtual world, while the other is the next generation new technology that incorporates the reality with the game. A game where it test the limits of technology and human boundaries. What is real? What is fake? Who is right or wrong? What is the Seed? Is life just a game? Three different people's destinies are intertwined: One is on a mission, One wants change in life, and One wants to be left alone. Their story converges in a Virtual Reality MMO game called Growth. This is a story of Zero, Agnis, and BlackStar. Welcome to the Beginning of the End is a Beginning. Let the Song of Infinity ring again.

(My name is Jane. The original creator of Drezo Regalia, Howling, Black Moon, Mind Linker, and Valkyrie's Lament. This story is my first ever story written and it might not be the best. I am just reposting the story in Royal Road. The story can also be found on where the original home of the Drezo Regalia series reside. To get a faster release check out Your help will be greatly appreciated.)

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