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The Spider's Lair (Vomit Draft)

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A group calling themselves ‘The Starlight Spear’ ventures into a dungeon known as ‘The Spider’s Lair’ in the hopes to recover the treasure it possesses. Along with their newest member Morana, what could possibly go wrong?

This 'Novella' -ha Novel* will follow the stories of a few main characters centering around a coherent plot. Theo Wood is an elf who joins a new criminal guild in the city of Leeside known as the 'Webbed Children', Sabrina Black is a young orphan girl developing strange new abilities, and Saurus, a Lord Commander put in charge for the recapture of Wetbrook--a town consumed by giant spiders! There will also be some interludes surrounding supporting characters.

I'm using Royal Road to publish my first drafts, like throwing paint 'or shit' at a canvas to see what sticks. The writing quality will be the main focus in draft two (You've been warned), and I'm using the first draft mainly as a loose outline for the plot. I will also try and 'show, not tell' in draft two.

This is my first attempt at a novel! Any help or advice is much appreciated!

If you want to support me! Please follow, rate and comment, as this really helps me understand what to focus on in draft two. Thank you.

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