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Steps of the Immortal Tree

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Evan stood on a hill, staring calmly at the gate of his former clan. A crowd waited behind him, some eyeing the clan in an unresigned manner, others looking at their spiritual support. Some of the young children shivered at the gnawing cold.

Wind howled in his ears, seemingly deploring his fate. A silvery cloud drifted over the mountains surrounding the compound. The roar of a river could be heard from underneath its frozen surface.

He had reincarnated many years ago. Hailed as a prodigy from his youngest age, Evan had seemingly tread on a path to invincibility. He had gotten married with his childhood sweetheart and had cultivated with a group of friends, forming a considerable power of his own. Yet now, here he was, devoid of any path to move forward, with his energy locus destroyed. His wife was dead and his branch had been kicked out of the clan.

He looked at his progeny that had been entrusted to him. The baby seemed content in his father’s strong arms, too young to understand anything but the warmth of the father’s beating heart. Signaling to the people behind him, he turned around and the procession gradually disappeared in the distance, as the sun gradually set and the stars acted as a guide.


Author-san here. I originally started this novel on another account, but lost the login information for it, so I'll be restarting this story here. Thanks for understanding!

This is my first fiction, so I appreciate any and all feedback! (^^)

The cover picture is by Yuji Himukai (as pointed out by Truis). I found it on the internet. Please contact me if you want to have it taken down. If anyone is interested in drawing a cover, send it to me. I'll put it up if I feel it represents the book well, with your name in the credits.

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