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The Other World

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Every living being becomes a Traveler while sleeping. This means that part of what is called “consciousness” detaches from the rest, carrying us towards worlds located in parts still unknown of the universe.

Most of these places have things that inhabit only our dreams. Worlds were physics is not the same one we know. Where magic exists and mythological creatures walk amongst the people.

Most of the Travelers become mere spectators in this world, unable to influence it. With some luck, they can go back to their bodies and wake up with the memory of a pleasant dream. Others do not have the same luck and end up stuck in the limbo, unable to return home.

There is one other category of Travelers. These are the ones strong enough to create bodies and separate themselves from the life they had before. These Travelers start a new life without ever thinking about returning to the place they once called “home”.

This story is about the last kind of Travelers and their trials in a world filled with spells, magical creatures and monsters.


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