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Dominion Tower

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Author: Type:Male

Alex is a member of the Three Star Alliance, a small group at the forefront of the ascent up the mysterious Dominion Tower. When they finally enter the final floor, his alliance is betrayed and falls apart, giving way for monsters to overrun and lay waste to the Earth.

As he stares death in the eyes, Chrono, the Warden of Time, appears and sends him back in time with one message: “Humanity can not afford to fail a second time.”

With his memories of the previous timeline in tact, Alex seeks to use his knowledge to build a dream team of the strongest and most loyal warriors. All the while preventing every tragedy that struck him and humanity along the way. Without any say in all of this, it falls on his shoulders to recruit and train the heroes of the future. That might be difficult without any leadership skills to speak of.

To make matters worse, every new decision steers his current timeline further and further from the last, bringing unique challenges that he’s never faced before.

Can he lead his team through danger, new and old, and ascend to the top of Dominion Tower?

A fast paced tower climbing, team building, second chance litrpg!

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