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Our Shattered Realms

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Author: Type:Male

*This is a learning experience for me so please keep in mind that I am attempting to work on some of the issues brought to my attention early on. However I haven't yet gone back to redo the early chapters.*

Less than two days ago every piece of electronics in the world stopped working for more than two hours. The death toll was immense. Hospital equipment failed, cars stopped in the middle of the street, planes fell from the sky, and homework was lost at the worst possible moment. We found out that it was just the flicker and hum of The System warming up. Now we see the true cost of our new world.

A Dark comedy that focuses on a few of the many people who aren't stuck in a high level dungeon when our world is translated and joined to Our Shattered Realms.

This is my first story that I have published. I welcome any criticism that you have for me. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!

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