《Lovely Family》CHAPTER TWO


"Congratulations to the happy couple!" his in-laws and the guests cheered popping champagne bottles. Matthew kissed his beautiful wife that he finally tied down to him after 5 years of dating.

Matthew kissed his wife Hannah "I believe I am the luckiest man on this earth." His wife Hannah smiled hugging him "I second that."

Matthew got married to Hannah when he turned 24 and Hannah was 26. They met when they were in high school he was a 15 year old freshman and she was a 17 year old junior.

Matthew knew his heart had been stolen by the breathtaking redhead cheerleader. He relentlessly pursued Hannah for 3 years until she agreed to be his girlfriend.

Even when Hannah went away for college and Matthew was still in high school they remained faithful to each other and talked every night. Matthew would drive up to her college on the weekends and they maintained their relationship for 5 years until Matthew asked her to marry him for like the millionth time and she said yes.

After their honeymoon they tried for kids but they weren't successful after a year of being married they were worried and decided to get checked for any issues.

Matthew went to a clinic and got examined but the doctors told him he was very healthy as a matter of fact he had twice the sperm count an average man had. Making him very fertile. Matthew told Hannah he was -healthy-.

When Hannah got examined they told her she was infertile but perhaps with treatment she could become pregnant. Hannah didn't take the news well and became depressed for one year before she decided to get treated. Her treatment lasted 2 years.

On Matthew's 29th birthday Hannah gifted Matthew a big box and inside the big box she had placed a Coffee mug with a pregnancy stick inside of it and sonogram pictures from her 1st, 2nd and 3rd month pregnancy. She waited until her first trimester was over when the baby establishes itself and is at lower risk of miscarriage. Then she told Matthew she was pregnant.


When Matthew opened his present he picked Hannah up in the air and thanked her for giving them their little blessing growing in her.

On Hannah's sixth pregnancy month she woke up to a bloody bed and was rushed to the hospital. The doctor had told them the baby was safe for now and that now her pregnancy was of high risk. The doctor gave them the option of terminating the pregnancy, but she refused even though Matthew tried to convince her.

The news of choosing between Hannah and the baby affected their marriage. Matthew was angry and in denial that when his wife would give birth she'd die. However, Hannah quickly accepted this fact and wanted to give her child a chance at life.

Hannah was put on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy until she gave birth and died as it was predicted.

Hannah's last words were "Take care of Sam."

Matthew grieved for one year during the year he grieved his mom and family would help him with Sam. He came back to his senses and devoted himself to his son Sam.

Matthew became a father at the age of 29 and a widower at the age of 29.

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