private messages

i'm sad

suffer in silence

no mel i'm actually sad

like real sad?

not your usual ''my cat doesn't like the sweater i knit him" kind of sad?

like real sad

oh no

what happened?

today would've been my 3 year anniversary with seb

you act like he's dead

he's still here june

you're right

the only thing that's dead is my relationship

aren't you the one who broke up with him


i just didn't realize how much it would suck to find out he has a new girlfriend

did he tell you that

is typing...

technically i saw it on e!news


e!news is the least reputable source on the face of god's green earth

last week they published an article saying you died in a paragliding accident

i mean it's a pretty sweet way to die but still

i know

i just don't understand why i'm feeling this way

could be indigestion

it's been a year and a half and i'm the one who broke up with him

all the reasons i broke up with him still exist nothing has changed

so why does it feel like the time you punched me in the stomach every time i hear about him moving on

that was self defense

i sneezed

it sounded like a gunshot i panicked

sorry back to emotional turmoil or whatever

i've just spent a year and a half wondering what things would be like if we'd never broken up

and it kills me that he's not wondering the same

i'm sure he is

the day that man stops being hopelessly and irrefutably in love with you is the day i enjoy human contact

you think?

i know

okay this talking about our feelings thing has been really great but i think it's giving me hives so i'm going to go

you're my best friend in the whole world remember that


i love you

i sometimes manage to tolerate you

ugh look at me getting all sappy

i'm a hoe for jeb sorry. also, i'm a hoe for mel and june's friendship. it was one of my favorite parts of sonata so expect a lot of soft fluffy moments ruined by mel's inability to emote in the future

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