《| ~Agonizing lust..~ | (Doukaza fanfic)》| ~Aftercare~ |


My eyes shot open as i felt the cold breeze of the cold night hit my skin.

'Jeez its cold as hell.'

I stopped my thoughts when I saw the door swiftly open.

"Ohh , good morning love!~ its a lovely night today."

Douma claimed while clapping his hands.

I nodded in a poor attempt to reply.

I tried to save my voice due to the agonizing pain in my throat and body. I tried to stand up ,

but when i tried that same pain shot up my body like poison flowing through my body.

When i fell back down , Douma rushed up to me and pinned me on the bed ,

shoving his knee in between my legs. "Your body is still frail. Let your body rest , okay?"

I nodded and rolled my eyes. Is he really babying me right now?! He just doesn't wanna admit how pathetic he really is.

He picked me up bridal style and carried me to the bathroom in a rushed pace.

He quickly kissed my forehead and he set me down on the edge of the tub.

He turned the water on , and set the temperature to warm. He then left the room for a minute or so , and came back with a pair of clothing that looked new.

It was a plain black traditional kimono, going along with a grey to white haori , and a white belt-like ribbon to tie to the waist of the kimono.

"Here you go darling! Now , rest up.. Okay? Sorry for going so rough on ya!"

I swear i could punch that blond haired shitheads head off right now.

I finished undressing and i got in the water , soaking my body more and more into the warm water.

It felt , relaxing. I sat there and just enjoyed the traditional Japanese background music coming from the outside. I wonder , will i ever escape his grasp?


How long will he keep me here? Why did he do all of this for me? This hurts my head.

I wonder what the others are doing right now , do they care that im being held captive..?

I miss Kokoshibo so much. ("Love?") Im probably gonna try to contact him.. ("Loove..?")

But if i do that , Douma would get violent. (Akaza?)

Im gonna try to find a way to escape this place , one way or another.

"Akazaa?" I jump slightly from the sudden familiar voice.

"I called you like 4 times , you okay?" Douma asked.

"Yeah , sorry i got lost in my thoughts.." .

"Oh , that's alright!~ i got scared there for a second!" ...

"Alright , well.. Ill go cook food alright-?~" Douma cooed. "Wait , Douma-" - "before you say your not hungry i know why you say it , i cant watch you suffer anymore with this disorder , Okay?" Douma said with a frown.

"How the fuck do you know about that?!"

"I mean , considering that you dont eat women , I rarely see you eat humans ,

either you cant digest it due to a habit or your just not hungry, that all points to a eating disorder."

He was right. No matter how hard i try , whenever i eat , i cant keep the food down.

I either spit it out or throw it all up later on. Tears started forming in my eyes. My whole life is a mess.

"Hey , hey.. Dont stress about it so much alright? It'll be alright."

He walked over to the tub and patted my head lightly , nelt down and kissed my cheek.

My face flushed red.

Douma chuckled lightly and left the room.

It breaks my heart knowing My sweet Akaza Dono cant eat properly.. Maybe that's why he's a picky eater!


I guess ill prepare some food for him. I went outside but made sure i locked the door from outside so Akaza wouldn't escape.

I found a young , tasty looking couple walking along the sidewalk of the district. I pulled out my war fans and went up to them.

They eyed me and had a spark of fear in their eyes. "Good evening to you both! The moon sure is lovely tonight isn't it?~" .

"Get away from us you freak!"

My smile faded.

"Oh dear..~ How rude! I wont accept that foul language and insulting!"

I killed them both with a slash of my fan to their body , wounding them deeply , killing them from blood loss.

I dragged them back to my temple and entered the room where Akaza was in previously.

He was already asleep.

"Akaza , Darling~! Wake up! I got food for you! Male of course!" Akaza slowly opened his eyes , groaning while slightly stretching.

"What happened?" Akaza asked. "I got food for you!" . "Thanks , i guess.." akaza thanked.

I helped Akaza get out of bed and placed him on a patted pillow to sit on.

He thanked me and ate what he could.

I smiled at the adorable little show in front of me.

After a while , Akaza managed to finish half of the body. Blood running down his chin , and fangs stained in blood.

"You feelin alright , Akaza?" Douma asked.

"Yeah , im fine. In a way." Akaza replied. "Just tell me if you feel ill , alright?" .

"Im pretty sure im fine , dumbass." Akaza replied. I laughed at the response i got.

"Come here , Akaza." I said. I patted my lap and i saw a faint blush appear on Akaza's face.

He's so adorable!!

He complied anyway , i them swooped him up and walked towards the bed. "You look tired , just rest up , alright?" I said.

"Douma..?" ... "Yes , whats up Darling?" . Akaza muttered something , but I couldn't hear him.

"Hmm? Can you please speak up love , I couldn't hear ya!" I claimed.

"Th..Thank you.." He muttered louder. "Oh , Your very welcome darling!" I climbed on the bed with him and i hugged him from behind.

Soon afterwards we fell asleep. Maybe Akaza San doesn't hate me after all!

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