《| ~Agonizing lust..~ | (Doukaza fanfic)》| ~Desired lust in the air~ |



"Lets go for a round 2 today , hm?~" Douma whispered in the pinkette's ear.

Although Akaza's body still hurt he wanted sexual attention from him crush. Even though he hates to admit it , he enjoys the sex he has with Douma.

"Sure , just dont be too rough." Akaza told the oldest of the 2.

"Very well then~" Douma cooed. As Douma got up he leaned over the younger.

The younger male was then pulled into a soft , passionate kiss.

Douma grabbed Akaza's waist and pulled him to the middle of the mattress they were on.

Douma started slowly undressing Akaza while getting undressed himself.


"You ready?~" Was the words that rang out of the oldest lips. The younger nodded lightly.

And with that , without warning the oldest slammed into Akaza with a push of his hips , making Akaza cry out.

Douma lowered down slowly , making his whole length enter Akaza's hole.

As Akaza tried to stabilize his breathing , Douma leaned down and kissed Akaza slowly.

Soon enough slipping his tongue into the younger's mouth , making akaza kick his legs up when he felt Douma's cold , and particularly long tongue explore his mouth ,

making him moan into the kiss.

As they both pulled away , a thin string of saliva connected there lips which soon snapped.

When Douma knew Akaza had calmed down , he awaited for permission to move.

"D-Douma , you ca-can move.." The youngest muttered.

And with that , the Oldest started moving very slowly.

The youngest under him looked away and shut his eyes tightly from the pain and pleasure he was experiencing.

The oldest gripped Akaza's chin , in attempt to get him to look at him.

"Can you handle it , love?~" Douma asked in a way to ask if he could go faster.

Akaza nodded as a reply. Douma started going in a average pace.


Hips and skin slapping together , and loud moans were heard from the room.

"Mmh..~ D-Douma.." Akaza moaned out quietly. To the oldest , hearing Akaza moan out his name was like melody to his ears.

Just then , Douma started going in a faster pace , making the younger moan uncontrollably.

The youngest was Trying to drain the sounds out by covering his mouth with his hand ,

and another gripping the pure , soft white sheets of the bed. "Mm~ Your doing , soo~ well Akaza~!" Douma praised. Douma started speeding up little by little ,

making the younger get a new pitch in his voice.

"Urgh..~ D-Doum-a slow down.. it hurts~!" Akaza whined out loudly. "Baby~ what did we talk about..? Dont focus on the pain so much , okay~?" Douma said ,

rubbing his hand in a downward motion starting

from the top of his chest to get Akaza to calm down.

Then , Douma pulled out slowly to not hurt his new lover , causing the other to whine in discomfort.

Just after , Douma turned Akaza around so He was facing the sheets , looking at the side.

"Im gonna put it in , alright?" Douma warned.

Akaza sucked in a breath and shut his eyes preparing for the worst.

As he did , Douma entered him slowly and gently.

Akaza squeezed the sheets tighter as Douma finished going in.

Douma waited patiently for Akaza to calm himself once again. "You alright now?~" Douma asked.

The pinkette slowly nodded as a reply. Douma got inpatient and started moving on his own ,

in a faster pace then before.

"Douma-! Hng~! SLOW DOWN FOR FUCKS SAKE~!" Akaza begged.

The blondette didn't listen and kept his fast pace.

"D-Douma! Im close!~" Akaza warned.

"Eh , eh , eh..~ you can't come till i say you can."


Douma said sternly.

They both went on for about 25 minutes , Douma , being a moaning mess ,

meanwhile Akaza is so overstimulated that his whole body went numb ,

his mouth hanging open with drool running down his chin.

He was WAY to tired for his own good.

The blond took in notice of this and decided to tease him. "You wanna come , don't you..~?" Douma teasingly asked. Akaza nodded rapidly.

At this point he didn't care about the teasing.

"Then beg for it." Douma ordered.

Akaza hesitated at first but he soon realized this would feel pleasurable for him.

"P-Please D-Dou-Douma.. Please let me.. Ill do anything! I promise i-"

Akaza was silenced by a ice muzzle that was fastened securely at the back of this head.

"You look so cute when you beg.. Good boy..~"

Douma whispered the last part in the youngers ear.

"You may..~" Douma said seductively. Douma thrusted into Akaza's spot making the pinkette choke on a moan.

They went on for about 5 more minutes and they both came at the same time. Douma slowly pulled out of Akaza to try not to hurt him as much.

As he did the younger immediately blacked out and fell asleep. "Poor , poor Akaza.. Well I didn't keep my promise to keep it gentle.. Whoops~!"

"Ill take good care of you , Darling.."

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