《as it was | stu macher》002


gonna dress like that once you guys get in, are you?" derek asked you three

"oh, hell no" you shook you head with a laugh "that's not gonna happen" sid agreed with you "i'd rather choke" tatum said

"the Delta Lambdas are the biggest bunch of fuckin'—"

"hey! i'm pledging Delta Lambda, thank you" hallie interrupted mickey's rude comment

derek and mickey gave each other a look before deciding to drop the topic

"oh, my god" tatum stood up "what?" you asked, looking in the same direction as tatum

"holy shit" you smiled at the sight of dewey, quickly running over to him with tatum in front of you and sid right behind you

"dewey?" tate called, he quickly turned to see his three sisters running towards him with smiles on their faces

"hi!" you smiled as the three of you hugged him, dewey smiled along with you before speaking "can we talk?" dewey asked you three "yeah, of course" sid answered

"how you guys holding up? you guys okay?" dewey asked "yeah, we keep getting harassed by theses obnoxious girls" you answered with a laugh

dewey smiled before getting serious "i heard about what happened, i was on the next plane" he said "i was worried about you three" he added

"look, if there is i some freaked-out psycho trying to follow in... their footsteps, you probably already know them" dewey said

"they're probably already in your life" dewey turned to you, you just looked down "they get off on that" he added

"i just want you guys to be careful" dewey said "we are" tate said, resting her hand on top of dewey's

"just.. what are we supposed to do?" sid asked "are we supposed to just cut everybody off? crawl under a rock? what?" sid asked


dewey let out a sigh before replying "just watch out. keep an eye out" he said "i'm gonna talk to chief hartley and the local police, i'm gonna just hang around" dewey informed

"i wanna make sure you guys are safe, if that's all right with you" dewey said, looking at the three of you "yeah" you and sid smiled "we'd be honored" tate slightly joked

"all right" dewey whispered with a smile before limping away

"hey" sid greeted her boyfriend "hey, you okay?" derek asked sidney "uh-huh" sid replied "who was that guy?" mickey asked you

"our brother" you answered

"deputy dewey, woodsboro's finest. what's he doing here?" randy asked

"he's worried" sid answered "our surrogate big brother" she added

"ah, nothing like a funeral to bring a family together" randy said "i'm gonna go say hi" he informed the girls before walking off

"chief hartley said the girl was stabbed seven—" "drop it" derek interrupted mickey

"hello, girls" you, sid, and tate turned at the sound of gale weathers

"how are you guys?" she asked with a crowd and a camera man behind her

"hi" sid said "what do you want?" tatum asked

"well, i was hoping i might get just a few words with you three" gale smiled, her camera man moved out of the way to reveal cotton weary

"holy shit" you whispered "cotton" sid said, obviously surprised, gale ignored the girl and started talking into her microphone and facing the camera

"here we are at windsor college, where sidney prescott, tatum riley, and y/n l/n have just been reunited with cotton weary for the first time since sidney wrongly accused him of murdering her mother" gale spoke

"what the hell are you doing?" sid asked, shoving gales microphone down "we want to know how you feel" gale responded "tell us everything that's happened, looking back on the last two years" gale said


"sidney, i'd just like to say that i forgive and forget, and just like you, i'd like to get back on with my own life" cotton smiled

"do you have any comments?" gale asked you three

"i've got a few" you spoke, mickey grabbed your wrist to hold you back, wanting to see how this'll play out

"you bitch!" sid took a step forward, gale smiled as she took a step back and held her finger up

"deep breathes. lot of deep breath's" derek told sid "not on camera" mickey said

"oh, sidney, share with us, please!" gale rose her voice, that's when sidney turned back to gale and punched her in the face


"i'll share with you!" sidney said going back for more but derek held her back, you and tatum couldn't stop laughing "okay, okay, okay" derek said pulling her away from gale

"time to go" mickey laughed then walked away, his hand still holding your wrist

"did you get that on film?" hallie asked gale's camera man before walking off with the rest of the group

i sat in my apartment, deep in thought as i ate my breakfast, not even bothering with the news that displayed on my TV

i've kept my TV on since 'ghostface' started making an appearance once more and i've kept it on the news channel just in case y/n was in any sort of danger

all i could think about was her, how much i miss her and how i shouldn't be stopping myself from seeing her

i was there for her graduation, just hiding out in the back. i could tell she was desperately looking for me

and when she kissed her hand before raising it up to the sky for her dad, i couldn't take it, knowing what she went through and not being abled to comfort her when she needed it most

she's attending windsor college at the moment, she always talked about wanting to leave woodsboro and start somewhere new

she took college as that chance

we talked about going to the same college almost every night we'd stay at one another's house, windsor is what she had her mind set on

and i am so damn proud of her for not giving up on that dream she could talk for hours about

"here we are at windsor college, where sidney prescott, tatum riley, and y/n l/n have just been reunited with cotton weary for the first time since sidney wrongly accused him of murdering her mother" i heard gale's voice coming from my TV

i quickly dropped my spoon before rushing to the TV at the mention of her name

the camera man was mainly focused on sidney but once he moved to the right, i could see her


i blocked out the argument between gale and sidney and just stared at y/n and how beautiful she looks even when she's mad

"do you have any comments?" gale asked the three girls "i've got a few" y/n spoke

i laughed at her snarky response, i've always loved that little bit of attitude she had in her

but my smile faded once i caught a glimpse of her wrist being held by the guy next to her

who is that?

and why's he holding her wrist?

did she move on?

so many questions ran through my head that i didn't care about sidney smacking gale, i want to know who that guy is

i sighed before turning off my TV after seeing them walk off with him still holding her wrist

maybe she did move on.


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