《as it was | stu macher》「 TWO 」


"dinner!" your mom called for you, sid, and stu. the three of you quickly rushed downstairs, trying not to injure each other in the process

"slow down, there's enough for everybody" your mom laughed at you and your friends, "we're just too excited" you smiled, "yeah, your spaghetti is the best" sid smiled, "i just wanna eat" stu said, you and sid just looked at him before laughing

"here you kids go" your mom handed you three plates, "thank you!" you all smiled before eating

"hey, mom?" you called for your mother, "yes?" she replied, "is it okay if we hang out with billy tomorrow?" you asked, "yeah, of course" your mom smiled before walking to the living room where your father was

"who's billy?" stuart asked you

"sidneys boyfriend" you giggled, "is not!" sidney slightly pushed you, "billy is our other friend" sidney answered

"well... is he nice?" stu asked

"very, you'll get along with him. don't worry" you patted stu's shoulder before taking a sip of your water

"remember, your principal loves you, and i want you to be safe. all students are encouraged to return to their homes promptly from school grounds. avoid strangers, walk in twos and threes" principal himbry ranted over the PA

as you got closer, you seen your bag laying by stu's lap. you rolled your eyes before snatching your bag away and sitting by randy and tatum

"what's going on?" you asked randy, "they're talking about what they got asked" randy informed you

"hunt? why would they ask you if you like to hunt?" tatum asked, "'cause their bodies were gutted" randy answered, "thank you, randy" billy said, tone full of sarcasm

"they didn't ask me if i like to hunt, did they ask you guys?" tatum asked her best friends, "no" they both replied, "it's 'cause there's no way a girl could've killed 'em" stu laughed


"that is so sexist" you spoke, "yeah, the killer could easily be female. basic instinct" tatum agreed with you

"that was an ice pick. not exactly the same thing" randy told tatum, "yeah, casey and steve were completely hollowed out. and the fact is, it takes a man to do something like that" stu said, "or a mans mentality" you rolled your eyes

"how do you... gut someone?" sidney asked, everyone got quiet as they looked at her until stu spoke up

"you take a knife, and you slit 'em from the groin to the sternum" stu answered, "hey, it's called a tact, you fuck rag" billy corrected

"hey, stu, didn't you used to date casey?" sid asked, feeling bad immediately after seeing your face expression change, "yeah, for like two seconds" stu answered, "until she dumped him for steve" randy interfered

"what?" you finally looked at stu because stu said he left her for you, "he's full of shit, i dumped her for you" stu said looking back at you

"and are the police aware that you dated the victim?" randy asked, "hey, what are you saying? that i killed her?" stu asked, "it would certainly improve your high school IQ" randy sassed

you would've defended stu and tell randy that stu was with you last night but, he wasn't

"where were you last night?" you asked randy, stu thought the question was for him which made him tense up until randy answered

"working, thank you" randy answered, "oh, at the video store? i thought they fired your sorry ass" tatum said, "twice" randy smiled

"i didn't kill anybody" stu looked at you

he didn't care what anybody else thought, he just wanted you to believe him

"nobody said you did" billy said, "thanks, buddy" stu turned to billy


"besides, it takes a man to do something like that" randy quoted stu's words, "yo, i'm gonna gut your ass in a second, kid" stu told randy

"did you really put her liver in the mailbox? 'cause i heard that they found her liver in the mailbox next to her spleen and her pancreas" randy said in a cartoon character voice, sid started to grab her things and leave

"randy, you goon-fuck! i'm trying to eat here" tatum said, "she's getting mad" stu laughed, "you better 'liver' alone" stu joked, that's when you started to pack your things up too

"catch you guys later" you said before walking into the school with stu right behind you but he didn't speak to you until you shut your locker

"why are you ignoring me?" stu asked as he leaned on the other lockers, "jesus, stuart!" you jumped

"did i do something?" stu asked, giving you sad eyes, "yeah, not answer my calls" you rolled your eyes before walking away

"i'm so sorry about that" stu grabbed your arm to pull you back, "why didn't you call or at least answer one of my 200 calls?" you asked, "i was worried stu, and now you're here acting as if nothing happened" you said, "there was a fucking murder for christ sake, what if it was me? and you weren't fucking there" you continued

"something came up, i won't leave you alone ever again, okay?" stu said, "well, the only thing i want right now is to be left alone" you said before walking away from stu and heading to the bathroom

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