《as it was | stu macher》「 ONE 」


"girls, come on! it's getting dark!" your mother yelled for you and sid, "aw man!" you and sidney said in unison, "last one to the car is the rotten egg" sidney laughed before taking off to your moms car

you were close behind her until you bumped into someone, "ow!" you slightly cried after falling, "i'm sorry!" the boy quickly apologized before slowly picking you up

"are you okay?" the boy asked, "i think so" you giggled as you rubbed your head, "baby! come on" your mom called as sidney sat in the backseat of your moms car, "hold on!" you responded

"where are your parents?" you asked the boy, "probably like 20 million miles away from here" the boy sadly chuckled, "are you all by yourself?" you asked, "i think so" the boy scratched his head

"want to have a sleepover with me and my friend?" you asked, "i don't know who you are" the boy said, "hi, i'm y/n" you stuck your hand out for the boy, "i'm stuart" he responded while he shook your hand

you grabbed his hand and led him to your moms car

"mom, this is my friend stu. can he stay with us tonight?" you begged, your mom looked around the park before speaking, "where are your parents sweetie?" your mom asked, "i don't know, somewhere on a plane i think" stu answered, "oh, my. do you know when they'll be back" your mom asked, "no" stu shook his head

"okay" your mom sighed, "how about we go to your house, you can grab some things you need, and you can stay with us until your parents get back" your mom suggested, "really?" the boy asked as his face lit up, "yeah, just make sure to call or leave a note for your parents" your mom smiled, "thank you, y/n's mom!" stu smiled as he hugged your mom

you, sidney, and your new friend stu talked, sang, and joked around on the way to stu's house


"this house is huge!" sid gasped, "and scary" you said before getting out of your moms car to follow stu, "i think she likes him" sidney told your mom who just giggled in response

"i like your house" you said as stu opened the already unlocked front door, "thank you" stu smiled before shutting the door after you walked in

stu already had a bag full of clothes, as if he was planning to go somewhere else other than his huge house

"ready?" you asked after stu wrote sloppy on a paper for his parents, he just nodded, "first one to the car is the winner!" you shouted before taking off, "not fair!" stu yelled as he tried to keep up

(in case no one caught on, they are little kids in this top part of this story ^^)

"where the fuck is he?"

you sat on the couch in your living room as you waited for your popcorn to finish in the microwave. you and your boyfriend were supposed to have a movie night since your parents were out of town but he hasn't shown up yet

you called him multiple times to make sure he was okay but he didn't answer at least one call, you were worried considering he's never done this before. stu would never miss the chance to hang out with you

after a few minutes, you just decided to eat your popcorn in your room and have your own movie night. you made sure to lock all the doors and windows in your house before walking upstairs to your room

as you looked for movies to watch, you slowly fell asleep, "i watched all this crap already" you sighed to yourself before just turning off your tv and falling asleep, still not hearing from your boyfriend

it was the next day and you waited for the bus outside of your house, still very upset with stu

once you got on the bus, you sat next to sid. your parents and sidney's have been close friends for years, after maureen's death things haven't been easy for sidney and her father, but you and your parents were always there for them regardless


"did your parents leave today?" sid asked, "they left yesterday, said they'd meet your dad at the hilton" you answered

"hey, have you heard from stu by any chance?" you asked, "no, did something happen?" sidney asked as she gave you all her attention, "i'm not sure, he was supposed to come over last night but he didn't show" you shrugged, "he didn't even answer my calls" you said

"i'm sure he was busy, he would never ignore you" sidney reassured you as she held your hand, "yeah, i'm probably being overdramatic" you slightly smiled

you and sidney had just gotten to school to see a bunch of cops and news reporters, "what the fuck happened?" you asked, sidney just shrugged in response, "do you guys believe this shit?" your other best friend, tatum, asked causing you and sidney to jump, "tatum, what is going on?" sidney asked, "you guys don't know?" tatum asked, you and sidney looked at each other before shaking your heads

"casey becker and steve orth were killed last night" tatum answered, "what?" you asked, "no way" sid said, tatum just nodded at her best friends

"and we're not just talking killed. we're talking splatter-movie killed" tatum said, "ripped open from end to end" she continued, "oh, my gosh" you covered your mouth, "casey becker, she sits next to me in english" sid said, "not anymore" tatum stopped in her tracks, "it's so sad. her mom and her dad, they found her hanging from a tree, her insides on the outside" tatum said, "oh, my god!" sid coved her mouth

"do they know who did it?" you asked, "fucking clueless. i mean, they're interrogating the entire school. teachers, students janitors" tatum answered, "they think it's school-related?" sidney asked, "they don't know. i mean, dewey was saying this is the worst crime they've seen in years. even worse than— well... it's bad" tatum said as the bell rang, stopping herself considering the worst crime case was sids mom

you gave sidney a look of sympathy before walking to your class which was history. you usually sit next to stu but you're still upset with him for not calling or anything

you stood over a seat by this girl you talk to every-so-often, "do you mind if i sit here?" you asked her, "no, not at all" she smiled, "thank you" you said before sitting down

"i don't mean to be like gale weathers, but is everything okay with you and stu?" the girl asked as she noticed the sad face stu had while he stared at you, you were about to answer when your teacher caught your attention

"y/n, it appears to be your turn" your teacher said, you nodded before standing up, "i'm sorry" you told the girl, "it's fine, hope everything's alright" she smiled

"here she is, how you feelin'?" principal himbry asked as you walked in his office, "okay" you answered once you sat down, "good morning dewey" you said, "uh, it's deputy riley today" dewey corrected, "right, sorry" you apologized, "don't worry about it" dewey smiled

"how is everything?" sheriff burke asked, "alright" you answered, "and your parents? how are they doing?" burke asked, "they're great, thanks" you smiled, "we're gonna keep this very brief, the police just wanna ask you a few questions, okay?" principal himbry asked, "okay" you nodded

"were you very close to casey becker?" burke asked, "not really, we only talked at football games" you answered, "how about steve?" durke asked, "i've never talked to steve" you answered, "do you know anyone that had some sort of hatred towards casey or steve?" "no"

after being questioned for the rest of the period, durke and dewey finally let you go. you went to your class to grab your things but it wasn't there, "stu, you asshole" you sighed before walking out of your class and to you and your friends hangout spot


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