《Ramblings of the Mad Woman - Book One》Chapter Fourteen There is life


Chapter Fourteen

There is Life


Rhein River, Afternoon 28th, October

Each time the ferry docked, Sidonia fearfully watched as each passenger boarded. She quickly read their thoughts until she was satisfied; they held her no ill will. It was the same at the next two docks, where none getting on, paid her much attention. And several docks that had no one so they did not even stop. Slowly the dark princess began to relax.

Now her thoughts drifted towards her plans, until she saw that two men rode up to the next dock, looking out at her ferry that had already left. One man was very large and the other was very skinny. She accidentally said aloud, “Maybe they were planning to get on.” Reading their thoughts, “We will find the dark haired girl at the next dock.”

She gasped, and the captain heard her and replied, “Well they are out of luck. It will be a few days before I head back down again.” Sidonia asked, “There is only one more dock?” The captain chuckled, “I only meant that I doubt they will make it to the following docks before us. While the next one is not bad, after that the only road that connects them is more than a bit inland.” Sidonia sighed, “Oh.” Knowing they were Kolo’s men, she hoped that the captain was right.


Samala woke again and hurried to contact her son, “Rorik. Where are you did you do what I asked?” It startled Rorik and he quickly gasped with relief, “Yes. I am so glad to hear you I was worried. I just left the Realm Gateway. I am on my way to Blackstone Castle.” Samala hissed, “No. It is too late! I see now that she has already left on a ferry.”

Annoyed Rorik said, “Why should I involve her in finding you? Can you just get a vision of where you are?” Samala cursed, “Damn it, listen to me. Sidonia is going down the Rhein River. She is running away with Anthony’s book. I need you to get her alone, get the book from her, and then kill her before Kolo finds her.” Rorik was stunned speechless.

Samala hurried on not noticing, “Secure and hide the book, and then I will tell him where she is. Stay hidden and when Kolo Skotadi comes for her, I need you to track him back here. When you get near here, hide and wait. Sleep during the day and watch each night. It could be days before he leaves this place. When he goes, I need you to sneak in and find me. I do not know if he has guards nor staff or how many, so be careful.”

Her voice began to fade as she said, “He is often away for months before returning. That will give you time to search and find me, do not bother with the others. I believe we are underground in a maze of catacombs, and from his comments, I believe it is beneath his home. You are my only hope. If you fail to follow him, or cannot find us; then I need the book it is important to him. I will use it to barter for my freedom.”

He was afraid to deny her yet Rorik had to say, “I-I cannot kill Sidonia.” Samala’s voice came back stronger as she seethed at him, “Do you wish to leave me here trapped in his murderous hell for eternity?” Rorik gave in, “No.” Wisely, his mother did not believe he was convinced since he had shown weakness, and assured him, “If you do not kill her, Sidonia will destroy us all, and you will die in her place at Kolo’s hand!”


Rorik asked, “How do you know he will come for her, or even find her?” Samala’s voice was sickly sweet, “Because he will ask me to find her. Once you have the book, I will tell him where she is.” Rorik felt he might wretch. Still he was compelled to do as she asked. Samala said, “I am near passing out. When I wake again, I will look to see when you have the book and have killed her. Then I will tell Kolo. Do not fail me.”

Now she slipped into unconsciousness from the effort. Instantly Rorik felt her go and screamed out, “No, Mother! Do not leave me!”


Kolo’s men Bull, Weasel, and Murky arrive in a cloud of dust at the dock. They felt joy as they saw a few on the dock, waiting to board, Weasel said to the others, “We finally caught up to them!” Only to then see that they were leaving the dock rather than waiting for the ferry. Murky pointed, “The ferry is out in the water, it just left! It is continuing down the river.” Bull grumbled, “Damn. We are too late.”

The leader Murky stared at the ferry trying to see if she was on it, and did not see anyone that matched her description. He said, “You two better ride on and I will ask around.” Sounding angry Murky added, “No stopping for a drink this time. I never should have been able to catch up with you. I do not need you two getting me killed, because she slipped through our fingers.” Weasel snickered, “They will not know.”

Bull agreed, “I was thirsty.” Murky bribed, “It is a big reward if we do find her, and you can drink all you want then, after the job is done.” Bull and Weasel left as Murky dismounted, and began asking questions of those who had got off. The tired passengers did not care for the look of the hired man, so they declined the coin, and each gave a typical response, “I saw no one.” “No one alone.” “I did not see a girl.”

Discouraged he went back to his horse, and tried to catch up with his two partners, as he mumbled, “I will catch it at the next dock for sure.” Then found he felt all was lost as the road was going too far inland, screaming with irritation, “I will never make it now!”


When Kolo arrived home, first he cared for himself, drinking an enriched blood mix that would speed his recovery. Feeling only slightly better after the grueling coach ride, he lit a lamp. Then going to his bookshelf he pulled it open, revealing a staircase. He carried Lola’s ashes as he went slowly down into the bowels of the darkened catacombs beneath his home, and his lamp caused the shadows to dance.

Now lighting a few torches and lamps he got a beautifully decorative bowl from his well stocked shelves, and placed Lola’s ashes in it. Carefully he took a fine brush and gently removed every particle from the guard’s jacket that held Lola’s essence. Now he sat the bowl in the center of a long table, within his oblong craftroom. He walked under one of three decorative archways, leading into the largest room, which he called his Throne Room.

The walls of the catacombs were of a golden, red, and brown dirt, in layers, some of it sparkled with bright white specks under the lamp’s light, dancing with the flame. It made the catacombs not nearly as dreary nor dark, as it would if it were all the typical brown ground dirt. The craftroom had well stocked shelfs of every sort of thing a knowledgeable witch might need, even spell books.



Mountain Road, 673, 28th, October

There were four of them in the carriage as they traveled, and Grekan introduced himself to a young looking mother and her twelve year old boy, as the woman said, “I am having trouble getting by, and dread this winter on our own. My sister has asked me and my son Tom to come live with her.” The man did not talk, just grunted his hello, and then went back to snoring loudly.

Grekan was amazed he could sleep, on such a bumpy road. He felt worried as the coach crossed the river and one point became stuck. It came lose with a few tries, then on the other side of the river they stopped and had a packed lunch. The coach master, examined the wheel and shook his head, “I hope it lasts us, I do not know of another blacksmith for at least a day or two.”


Eight hours later Sidonia started to feel like she had managed to escape Kolo’s men. Exhaustion took over causing her to fall asleep. Rather than the mental rest she needed, she dreamt of her troubled past.

Seven year old Sidonia peeked in the nursery and seeing only the nanny was alone with Viktor, she entered. Letting Viktor take hold of her fingers, she helped him stand and walk a few steps; laughing at his excitement.

Then as he giggled, he let go of her hands and held the table as he stood there bouncing, very proud of himself. Sidonia clapped and the nanny smiled at her saying, “You are such a lovely child and so good with your brother. Do you think you can watch him, while I take a quick break? I do not know where my help is.” Sidonia smiled, “Yes.” Then she took Viktor back to the blanket and held him on her lap as she told him stories.

Queen Samala heard the voice of her daughter, as she walked down the hall. Getting a dark smile, she then suddenly began to faint, and leaned on her guard as he helped her to a chair. She gasped, “I need a drink.” He nodded with concern, “I will bring you some blood it will help you to feel stronger.” She nodded then cringed behind his back. As soon as he was out of sight, she went to the nursery door and opened it.

Princess Sidonia felt her evil presence and looked up seeing she blocked her escape. Picking up Viktor, Sidonia backed into a corner. It had only been six months since their picnic in the forest, with the wolves. Father had ordered guards with Samala at all times. The queen hissed, “Awe, there is nowhere to go and no one to save you this time.” To Sidonia’s horror, Samala stalked towards her, meaning her harm.

The little princess looked for a place to hide or how to get passed her, and seeing none she screamed as loud as she could, causing baby Viktor to cry. Now Sidonia realized she might put Viktor in danger, by holding him. Sidonia carefully put him in the crib and then stood in front of it blocking her brother. Samala advanced slowly enjoying the fear she was causing, “You think you will betray me after I gave you life?”

Princess Sidonia tried to assure her, “I do not think that and do not want it either.” Samala’s eyes narrowed with anger, “I saw it. You cause me pain, suffering, and endless deaths!” Sidonia whimpered, “I promise, I want to be good. I do not want to do that to you.” It was so confusing how she could cause her mother many deaths. Sidonia attempted to think what else she could say. As her mother spoke, her hands expressed all, “Liar.”

Samala pointed a long sharp nail at her child, “I can never trust you because of what you have already done.” Wagging it at Sidonia she accused, “You caused me to be without my gift, making me vulnerable to the evil January Man!” Her long fingers came up to her throat and chest, “You made it so he could violated me, by drinking my blood!” Her mother truly looked to be in agony. It brought guilt and tears to Sidonia.

Her mother’s hands came out as though she would strangle Princess Sidonia, “He forced me to drink his and nearly turned me into a vile vampire, because you helped him.” Her hand ran up her arm to her heart as she said, “Now I suffer with his blood in me, polluting my pure Oracle bloodline, and you did it, tricking me with that damn necklace!” Horrified Sidonia gasped, “Mum, I just wanted to give you a gift.”

Her mother’s laugh was a mix of hysterical with evil, “Just? Do you realize had he succeeded, you would have killed my unborn child? Now the little prince has tainted blood as well! Turn and apologize to your brother, for the poison in his veins and nearly killing him!” Princess Sidonia felt the guilt of her actions, and did not know how she could make it right. Her mother pointed. She turned slightly keeping an eye on her.

Sidonia whispered, “I am sorry Viktor. I did not mean to.” She whipped back to face her mother not in time. Samala grabbed her neck and tossed her twenty feet. Sidonia’s head spun as she tried to sit up, but could only lay there helpless. The princess watched, as her mum came closer. Now Samala justified her actions, “I must save us all from who you become!” Sidonia truly worried, she knew her mother was capable of it.

She managed to roll over on her stomach, and pushed to sit. Her mother’s words put dark images in her child’s mind, as Sidonia believed she was becoming a hideous monster. Samala bent down a little, tilting her head slowly, “I know if I let you live, you will be his weapon, and it shall destroy us all.” Sidonia pled, “What are you going to do to me mummy.” The little princess almost believed her mother and that she deserved this.

Her mother’s silence was deafening and Sidonia could not stop from pleading, “Please! Do not take me to the forest mummy!” Still her mother came closer enjoying her terror. The princess gasped, “I promise I will be good.” The Queen neared her and now Sidonia gave a shrill scream. The yelled with all her might, “Save me Father!” They heard the running footsteps, causing Samala to regret she had not hurried.

The queen rushed forward, bringing a sharp spike from her hair. As the long locks of hair fell about Samala, they became snakes, as she slashed at Sidonia, who put out her hand to block it. Samala’s thrust of the deadly spike impaled the princess’ hand; it kept with force, deeper through her hand as it came against Princess Sidonia’s body and pierced her chest. The door opened Sidonia cried out in pain and horror, as she was dying.

The guard had been franticly looking for the crazed queen, fearing she had tricked him. Now he rushed into the nursery grabbing Samala, pulling her away before she could stab Princess Sidonia again. Samala turned on him stabbing the spike into his cheek. Sidonia did not remember falling only blinking her eyes and seeing cherubs on the ceiling. Darkness took her before she could call out for help.

Then when she opened her eyes again, she saw her father suddenly appear, and he lifted her up. After healing her, Anthony took Sidonia to the Rambler’s Camp. As far as Sidonia could remember, that was the last time she saw her mother. The vision changed to a dream where she was trying to save Viktor from an unknown threat. She stood in its way, as an enormous dark cloaked figure stalked towards the prince as he lay sleeping.


Kolo pour a blood drink and set it on the table next to the chair he called his throne. About his overly large finely carved wooden chair were five stone caskets, each with their feet towards his throne, fanning out in a circle. Kolo pushed the stone lids back one at a time, on three of the five stone tombs. The first was beautifully decorated in Egyptian hieroglyphs. The next was in a Rambler theme. The last had Greek gods painted on it.

The Greek tomb was different from the rest in two aspects. First it had a small glass square above her face, so that he could always see her. Second it occupant was not Greek, he simply enjoyed reading of the Greek Gods and appreciated the many statues and had painted it in their honor. And what fun was it to have two of the same theme? Weak he only slid them open enough to revealed the upper half of the three women’s bodies.

Now, he started the process to bring the chosen ones back to life. Pouring blood in their tomb he tossed in the mixture of items required. While Kolo’s blood held very little witch power unlike his sister’s blood, he had studied magic as far as it pertained to death and bringing one back to life. He acquired a powerful Sorcerer’s Stone, and considered himself a self taught Sorcerer. His hands hurt from the effort of opening their tomb.

He walked over to the two neglected tombs behind his chair and ran his fingers down them. On his left was a painted a Chinese theme, and the final tomb, had dark haunted ghouls and screaming faces painted on it, his version of hell. He taunted them, “You will both have to wait until January. See what happens when you continue to displease me?” He imagined they heard him and were suffering as he laughed with delight.

Coming back to the front of his throne he picked up his favorite object. Both were made from a dark walnut wood and carved in an elfin theme, by a Light Elf, from the Mystical Realm. He had the elf place the source of his abilities, a potent crystal; Within the top of his elegant carved staff. Now he waved the staff over the three opened tombs.

Kolo watched its enchanted crystal’s yellow glow cover the three, and his face pained him, as Kolo spoke the words to bring them back to life. Once finished, he set his staff in its holder, and sat waiting for them. As Kolo sipped blood, he reminisced on the killing the first two, and keeping them in wood coffins. While the Egyptian had come with the outer stone tomb as well, it was cumbersome to remove her from both.

He preferred the coffin as he enjoyed looking at her wood her image; still her stone tomb was beautifully painted with her funeral, rise, and passage, in the underworld. Kolo had to switch them all into stone tombs, after Nepathi woke early breaking the face of her lid, as she shoved it off. Kolo found her before she figured out how to open the hidden door and he quickly broke Nepathi’s neck placing her in her stone tomb.

He kept Nepathi’s original, even broken it was too beautiful to discard, and so he set it upright with the other wood coffins against the back wall. The Egyptian’s tomb was entertaining so he decided to paint images on each of the tombs, starting with the first. Now Kolo grinned as a trio of cries echoed about his catacombs. He gloried in the three victims waking screams, and then Kolo giggled, “And there is life!”


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