《Twisted Star》Chapter 6- The Meeting between Two Stubborn Hearts


The wolf’s paw cracked as it gripped the miss’ neck. But her neck was uncrushed; rather, the wolf could not grasp any further. Sensing something, the Blood Wolf howled, and tried to jump back. Tried. As if sentient, the mud slobbered the wolf up to its waist, then anchored it down to the ground. The young wolf struggled in an attempt to claw its way out. Unfortunately, globs of mud snailed up its body, entering, exploring the cavities of its mouth, nose and ears, until the wolf suffocated, drowning in mud, sputtering out its last desperate howl.

Catalina’s face was blank as she stared at the mighty red wolf die a miserable death. She looked at the body she fell on.

The man was young, almost nude, barely covered by a tattered cloth on his hip area. She watched blood flow down his nose, implying he was alive. Because the man lied on his stomach, she noticed a crimson circle imprinted on his back. Under the bright moon, it glowed with a demonic aura. ”Did he save me?” she muttered.

“Catalina!” Petra, panting, ran to her. He wore a mask of disbelief. “I saw the mud just… eat the wolf! Do you secretly know magic?!”

Catalina tried to speak but her mouth was agape, stuck. She saw the mud and screamed, and in a moment of panic, leaped into Petra’s arm. The mud grew air bubbles that popped; what came out wasn’t air. Petra backed up from the vicinity, his eyes wide from the sight. Could the Blood Wolf still be alive, or perhaps the wolf has become a ghost? The pair watched crimson liquid seep out of the muddy pores, and in a snake-like manner, slithered over to the body. Catalina was dropped by Petra, who rushed to the young man, where the blood was converging.

“Petra come back!”

Petra gazed at Catalina, and shook his head. “I abandoned him the first time, so I refuse to do so again!” Petra hooked his arms under the young man’s shoulders. Yet, after he came in contact with the body, he turned sluggish. “My blood feels like lava. I’ve never heard of anything besides elemental magic. What is this?”


Soon the red, viscous liquid caught up. “Stay away!” he told Catalina. Petra shut his eyes hard, waiting for be devoured. His heart thumped Scents of earthy metal clogged his nose and a strange warmth fizzled in his body.

“Don’t move. It seems this ‘blood’ is attracted to the man you’re holding.”

Petra lowered his head to peek. A demonic ring, on the man’s back, greedily absorbed the blood.

“What sort of mage is he?”


Lei opened his eyes. He has emerged from the woods alive, somehow. “I will burn this barn down if this is the Underworld River,” he muttered. He laid on an musty, itchy, hay bed, covered by a worn blanket. In front of him was a wooden gate, filtering past sunlight into the dark room, neighboring a few stalls that housed various hoofed animals, snorting and neighing, all aware of his presence.

He wasn’t sure what to feel currently. How many times has he fallen unconscious since his betrayal at the Mistdrop Forest?” He caught a sniff of lavender, sweet and refreshing. Wait, lavender? Memories of slime emitting grass reappeared, and his body reacted by twisting itself up. Lei grimaced as pain spiked in his body, reminding him of the wounds he accumulated.

The wooden gate was kicked open, a sudden movement that startled the animals. The kick itself felt arrogant as if the person owned this place.

“You’re awake! That’s good news for all of us because you owe me a debt for saving your life.”

Lei was surprised; the voice was so arrogant, but it belonged to a lady. She was average height, pretty, with dark, clever eyes, and flowing blonde hair that reached her shoulders, covered by casual wool clothing typically worn by the females of the middle class. She was someone Lei would’ve ignored in the past.

“So how will you repay me?’ She stood in front of his, her face stone cold.


“My hired mercenary group brought my ruined merchandise, a half dead you, and a little girl back with them from the Bellding Forest. Now that-”


“Mimi! How is she?!”

“Hold on! Let’s stay on the subject on hand. My shipments been half ruined, and not to mention, I had to feed you, clothe you, and heal you. You’ve been asleep for days! Do you realize how much that healer and medicine costs me? If not for my naive sister begging me, I would’ve thrown you out on the streets.”

“Where’s my sis-”

“The girl that I presume you kidnapped? My sister said a dog guarded her so she’s alright during the battle.”

Lei struggled to get into an upright position.

“Sorry but,” she yanked the blanket off him, ”she also told me you’re a mage with unusual blood magic, said you took the blood out of Blood Wolf. That’s quite spectacular. I need someone like you in my service.”

With an exasperated face, Lei said,”Miss, these chains are unnecessary. Magic Sealing Cuffs are no- I’m not even good at magic, ok?“

“Please don’t dont act so humble, mister. I’ve even sealed your magic circle with Mana Locks.” She flicked her hair, looking smug. This woman was young, around the same age as Lei, yet she acted so ruthless and cunning.

“Listen, I know some very wealthy nobles so I’ll pay you back threefolds if you let me and my sister go. You called yourself a businesswomen, then you must know the value of networking amongst nobility.”

She sneered,” Do you believe me to be a child? By the looks of your body, all those old whip scars, and deep cuts, you might just be a runaway slave who taught yourself some strange magic. Either way, I don’t care for your ‘wealthy’ friends nor what networking opportunities you bring me.”

From her back belt, she pulled a scroll out. It was a contract of sorts that leaked traces of foreboding.

She pointed to a dried drop of blood on the signature area. “You’ve already agreed to my family’s servant terms and employment contract. A full five years of servitude. In exchange, I, Eliza Kalamezon, will provide you with food, clothing, and whatever you need within reason. That little girl signed it in your stead when you were unconscious.” She blushed, looking away. “Also in the contract, if you deny it later, you will be thrown into the toilet pits. That was Mimi’s idea”

Lei gritted his teeth. This woman- truly ruthless! Chaining him up brought back memories of the dungeon, a nightmare, of the continuous torture to break him. However, working for her would allow him to recoup from his injuries and lay low against the his pursuers. Since she believed he was a mage, this could be twisted into his advantage. It was also the perfect time to relearn magic.

Over the past few months, he realized how lacking he was in protection- being abused over and over without any way to retaliate. Of course, there were also swords and magic tools available, but that was impossible to obtain with his current status: destitute. Even if he could get his hands on tools, the quality would be low grade, forged from very basic materials.

This was the ideal scenario.

They stared at each other, silent; whoever breaks movement loses. Lei studied her eyes, making rounds on her brown pupils, and while both maintained eye contact, they slowly squinted, never blinking as if they were sneering, while moving their facing in different directions. Eliza’s cheeks grew rosy. Could this be the longest she ever stared into another guy’s eyes? Finally, her patience reached its limit- she snapped. Eliza shouted, “Are you going to say say something?”

Lei shrugged. ”Yeah, and my answer is no.”

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