《Lab Rat(18+)》1.19: In Which He Teaches

"Shoulders straight," 254 orders, hands out in front. "Again." The impact of her fist against his palms barely tickles. "Keep your thumb untucked. Again."

"I feel ridiculous." Her punches were doing nothing other than tiring her out.

"You're doing fine," he lies. "Bend your knee a little mor- great. Do a two-shot."

She hit him with her right and then her left.

He pulls his lips into his mouth in an attempt not to smile at how adorable she looked. It reminded him of a cute kitten trying to be angry. "Again," he demands.

"You're laughing at me," she huffs, letting her fists fall to her hips.

"I'm not!" The chuckle he gives contradicts his answer. "I'm sorry! You're just so damn cute."

"You're an ass-hole," she informs him.

"I'm really sorry?" he laughs again.

"Fuck you."

His eyes sparkled. "Sure. Think they'd turn the camera's off for us though? I don't really like an audience."

She can't help but grin. "You idiot."

His hand goes to his heart as if her words have wounded him. "You've got an attitude on you today, baby. You pms'ing?"

Her mouth falls open and she lets out a sound of disbelief. "Do you have a death wish?"

He shrugs. "Maybe. But it's oh-so-worth it to see you get all riled up for me."

"I'll punch you," she says matter-of-factly.

"Good. I want you to." 254 holds up his hands again. "Give it to me hard, baby. I can handle you." He grins when he smells her arousal at his words.

Fuck, she smells beautiful.

The Beast growls hungrily in agreement, pacing back and forth in his mind like a animal hunting it's prey.

Her small fist pulls back and hits his palm with so much force she stumbles.

"Steady," he barks. "Don't lose your feet."

"Stop telling me what to do," she snaps.

He laughs darkly, the scent of her going straight to his head and his control slips. The Beast emerges before he can stop it. His hand grips her cheeks roughly, pulling her body towards his. "You don't like it, sweetheart? Then why can I smell your pussy leak every time I give you an order?"

"Jesus," she pants, pressing herself further against him whether she realises it or not. "254..."

He blinks, staring down at her face, her pretty pink lips forcefully pursed from his grip, white marks on her cheeks from his finger tips. He curses himself for letting The Beast out like that. Releasing her softly, he soothes her slight red skin with his digits. "Sorry," he breathes. "I lost control."

"It's okay." She shakes her head. "My fault. I'm not a teenager. I should be able to handle my reactions better."

"Hell no." He pulls her to him, tucks her head under his chin. "You can't help it. Doesn't give me an excuse to man-handle you that way. I'm sorry. You all right?"

She pulls back. "God, you didn't rape me, 254. I liked it. Stop apologizing, yeah?"

He can't lie and say her admitting that didn't make his male pride swell. "Yeah, ok."

"Anyway, I should be the one who's sorry."

"No, baby, I told you-"

"Not for that. For this." Hooking her leg around his, she pushes him. She's Ninety-nine percent sure she does it wrong with how slow he is to fall and he almost catches himself but eventually descends toward the ground. She stands above him smugly when he lands on his back, hands on her hips.

254 shakes his head in disbelief. "You did it. Damn." He grins. "That's my girl. Knew you had it in you."

She hopes she's not blushing. "Shut up," she says, uncomfortable with the praise but beaming none-the-less.

He knows it's probably not the right time but he can't help it. "Baby, about Ashley-"

She hates that he's on first-name basis with her. Or maybe that's just what they all call her. Hell, Ashley might not even be her first-name. Still, her insides burn. "Don't-"

"No, no, listen to me." Hooking his legs around hers, he trips her up, forcing her to land on his chest with an "oof!". He wraps his arms around her waist, holding her there. "Me and her used to be a thing, yeah, but it wasn't love. Hell, it was barely attraction. I just – I just needed to feel something other than pain, you know?"

Her eyes lowered to his chest. "You don't have to explain this to me."

He didn't want to risk letting go of her waist in case she escaped his hold, so he lifted his head and nudged his nose against hers. "Look at me." She does, reluctantly. "Half that shit she told you wasn't true. I didn't come onto her. I never said she was sexy. I never held her like I do you. I never felt for her the way I do you," he hesitates telling her the last part.

Her gaze softens. "254..." she whispers.

He licks his lips, lowers his voice to match hers. "I'm sorry if it hurt you, baby, but I swear she's got nothing on you."

She blinks, looking ready to cry at his words. "You...you mean a lot to me." He bites back a grin at the flush on her face. "I was just...jealous. I just didn't want to admit it. And I hated that you slept with someone who put us here."

He nods understandingly. "That's fair." He presses a kiss to her cheek, just because it felt right to do. "I'd have felt the same way. Maybe not have overreacted as much..." he teases.

Lies. I would have killed the guy and fucked her until she knew how she belonged to. Both him and The Beast agree with that one.

He wouldn't admit it to her though.

She slaps his shoulder. "Shut up! I'm allowed to overdo it! I'm a girl!"

254 sighs dramatically. "Yes, dear."

Frank hums happily as he watches 254 and 391's interactions on the monitor.

"They have good chemistry," Doctor Luis Ford comments from over Arkson's shoulder, sipping on his coffee.

"Yes, indeed," Frank agrees before turning around in his chair. "Had we no need to hurry this along, without a doubt they would have gotten their themselves eventually."

"You believe it is time?"

"We cannot wait any longer. We're advancing too slowly. We're a laughing stock," he scowls.

"Understood. I'll start with the preparations."


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