《Truth or dare (18+)》Multiple orgasms (edited)

"Dare." Ashton answers, looking back at Noah. "I dare you to have multiple orgasms. And multiple people can give them to you or you can do it by yourself." Noah says, smirking lightly. Ashton doesn't hesitate as he unties his sweatpants and pulls his dick out. I look over at him and he does the same, causing us to make eye contact.

"You wanna help or watch?" Ashton whispers, licking his lips. "Both." I whisper back. Ashton smirks at me as he starts to jerk himself as he looks around the room and makes eye contact with Maddy. I lean over so I'm near ashtons ear and whisper "Let go. I wanna make you come while she watches." I reach over and grab Ashton's cock, slowly sliding my hand up and down his shaft as he looks at Maddy who's breathing heavily.

"Let her hear how good I make you feel." I murmur, kissing his neck and shoulder while leaving hickeys like he did to me this morning. Ashton throws his head back in pleasure as I speed up my hand. "Look at her." I demand, slowing down. He whimpers softly so only I can hear and looks up at Maddy. I start jerking him off faster again watching as he twitches in my hand. Soon enough ashtons thrusts up into my hand and he's moaning loudly.

I continue with Ashton and look over at Maddy who's breathing heavily. I smirk as she looks over at me. "Come." I whisper, still looking at Maddy and he does. Ashton thrusts a few more times into my hand and comes moaning loudly and throwing his head back in pleasure. I look over at Ashton one he calms down and brings my come covered hand up to his mouth. "Suck." I murmur, looking at him.

His eyes widen in shock as he gently grabs my hand and sucks on my fingers. Once my hands are cleaned, I lean back into Callum as Greyson hands me a washcloth for my hand. I watch as Ashton stares at me with a small smirk playing on his lips now. I raise an eyebrow at him confused but all he does is grab my hips and pull me onto his lap. "That was only one love. I still have a few more to go to complete the dare." Ashton says kissing my neck and up to my lips.

I kiss back and rock my hips on his already hard cock. Ashton reaches for my pants and tugs at them signaling to take them off. I stand up and make eye contact with Greyson and smirk as I slide my pants all the way off. I set them on the floor and straddle Ashton's lap again. "Someone's gotten more comfortable." Ashton comments, rubbing my hips with his thumbs. "Mhm. What's to hide? Everyone's already seen everything." I say shrugging as I start to trail kisses on his neck.

I lift myself up on my knees and place his cock at my entrance and slowly slide down letting myself feel every inch and vain of his. Once he is all the way in I rock my hips slowly building up speed. Soon enough Ashton grabs my hips and starts slamming into me from underneath. I moan loudly as I place my face in the crook of his neck. "Look at them. Watch them while I make you come." Ashton whispers, pounding into me harder.

I gasp and arch my back as I look over to Callum and Greyson. I lay my head on ashtons shoulder still looking at them as I moan and gasp. I rock my hips with Ashton's thrusts and feel my orgasm building. "I-I'm.." I start my Ashton cuts me off. "I know. Me too." He grunts as his thrusts get sloppy. I make eye contact with Callum as I come. "Oh god. Fuck." I gasp as I ride out my high. Once Ashton and I calm down he gently pulls out of me.

Callum hands Ashton a washcloth to clean me up as Greyson grabs my pants. After they help me clean up I move back on to Callum's lap since Ashton's dare still isn't over. I watch as Ashton jerks off two more times and Maddy gives him head before his dares done. I grab a clean washcloth from the table and wash Ashton's hands and dick before throwing the wash cloth with the other dirty ones.

I grab a bottle of water and open it before handing it to him. He smiles at me tiredly and gives him a small smile in return. "You did good." I praise, taking the bottle back from him. "Thank you." He whispers, pecking my forehead. Once he's gained control he looks around the room. "Maddy. Truth or dare?" Ashton asks, looking at her.

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