《Tales Of Narcinica》V2 Chapter 2 - The Corruption and Rulers


The leader or master of the Terminian Tribes went by the name of Bryce and as many people in Narcinica he never had a last name. He did have a sort of last name. His "name" was "Bryce the Thief."

He had followers that constantly tried to fit in with his lifestyle and they often never succeeded. Everyone tried to become even remotely noticed by him but it almost never succeeded. He had one right hand man by the name of Tucker Seranado. He had fully been involved in with the lifestyle of Bryce. He was the only person that Bryce considered a friend. Unlike Bryce who had but one true "friend" Tucker had often made friends and was very easy to please. He had a few friends that he would call his closest. The only problem that both the men had a very short temper and would kill somebody who angered them.

Even though these men did not have a good reputation Tucker had gained a few friends. Tucker became friends with Jackson the Thin and Ayden of Terminal. Jackson believed the same things that Tucker did and Ayden was just a loyal servant who gained the trust of Tucker. Bryce still had not trusted Tucker like Tucker did with Jackson and Ayden. A lot of people said that Bryce had no heart for he had almost no emotions that he showed and the only ones he did show were of bad nature and anger.

Bryce came around and exposed himself to the crowd of Solitude. War was declared on Solitude from Terminia and this was one of many declarations and not even a surprising one. Solitude followed up with another war declared to Terminia.

The Terminians followed the rule of the Narcinican gods. They went by the name of the High Court but all you need to know about them right now is that they ruled Solitude and Terminia. They ruled over Narcinica overall and the Terminians went by their orders the most. The High Court did not like the Terminians though. They thought that all the Terminians wanted was glory and power. The High Court did not like any kingdom for that matter. They knew every kingdom had a dirty wish or secret and the High C ourt could only accept pure kingdoms.


Battles raged on and Bryce was a truly tyrant-like ruler during times like these. He was showing his true colors.

Sadly Solitude had backed out of the battles first and could not go on for unlike Terminia the Solitude soldiers went sleep deprived. The kingdom had witnessed its first true loss. The kingdom could not mope around though and they had to get back to work.

But it was not over yet. The wars would lead on and they would lead on often. Nobody would want to surrender. That could be detrimental to both kingdoms. They might want to back out of a fight or two but it would be the High Court who would have to step in and call quits for both sides of the war.

I have often thought of what both the kingdoms could have done better. I wish I could have had a chance to rule differently. I think we all wish at one point in time we could rule differently than someone else in power. The thing is, when reality hits we have to understand that under stress we all make bad decisions. I probably would not have done any better than Noah. A wise man once said that we are invincible until we die and many people wish not to die so soon.

In the end the lesson we can learn is that violence is not the answer and that neither Solitude or Terminia is right in this problem. We could have only hoped the problem could have been fixed.

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