《Tales Of Narcinica》V1 Chapter 8 - The New World


The New World was a prosperous part of Solitude, even more than the "Old World" of Solitude. But one thing that the Old World was best at was combat.

They charged against the New World. The New World was struggling to put up an army and was constantly put under lockdown. People did not know what side to trust. Some people even left Solitude entirely thinking there could be a more simple and non corupt kingdom. It never ended but Caleb still resisted because he knew that if he put up that white flag he would pay for it for the rest of his life.

"Send a message to them." Caleb said to one of his few messengers.

"What should it say?" Replied the messenger.

"Please stop."

They did not. It was a little more complicated than that but the basis of it was that the New World asked for a stop and the Old World did not stop.

In fact that showed a sign of vulnerability and they blew over the New World with even more battles. The New World had to give up a portion of land that if they kept would have torn the New World to shreds. It was truly a horrible battle.

Finally, one Friday night had made Caleb lose it. A messenger came to his home and said

"Sir, commander and chief of North New World, Woman Bethany of Solitude has died from a tragic sword fight that pierced her scalp."

"What!!!?? She was the only skilled commander that we had?! Was she not training several commanders?"

"She was training several up and coming commanders. The problem is that she is the only commander with battle experience." Replied the messenger.

"A funeral will be put up on the eighth of August, one month from now." Caleb said.


"Wait, we will not have a funeral. We are fighting a war?!" The messenger said with irritation.

"Pull out the white flag..." Caleb bravely exclaimed.

"Sir we cannot simply put up a white flag." The messenger replied.

"Well find a way."

*Back at the Old World*

"News has just gone around saying that they have surrendered!" Said one citizen.

"It's all a hoax. They are trying to make us let our guard down." Said another.


"I just want the war to be over!"

"Settle down boys." Said another person.

"Yo, let's go to the bar."

"Sure, I have time to waste."

As people started celebrating at the bar. People also started getting skeptical about the situation. I am sure you would ask questions like, why that easily, maybe it is a way to let our guard down, and simple questions like that.

Noah was not just gonna let his guard down like that. He was going to pay a little "visit" to Caleb to confirm that he was in the clear.

"Hey Caleb..." Noah said skeptically.

"I know what you want to ask. Yes I do use lavender body wash." Caleb replied in a joke tone.

"No no no. You have this all wrong. I came to ask. PIECE OF CRAP WHATTA WANT FROM ME?!?!" Noah said furiously.

"Settle down, I do not want anything from you. All I am saying is that you win!" Caleb replied trying to calm down the situation.

"I for one know it has never been that easy. Especially with you. Now be honest what do you want..." Noah said calming down.

"All I want is peace, you won. Why should I keep trying if it will always end up like this." Caleb said frantically.


"Wow you really have.. NOT CHANGED ALL YOU ARE DOING IS LYING!!" Noah yelled.

*BOOM* Caleb swung his jacket into Noah's face.

"You do not learn do you. I will repeat again. I GAVE UP MY KINGDOM WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT?!?"

*SMACK* Noah hit Caleb in the face. This time Caleb punched back. and it went back and forth like this until a maid noticed what had happened.

"WHAT THE?!?!??!?! CALEB WHAT HAPPENED?!" Said the maid in shock.

"Get me away from this maniac!" Caleb said pointing to Noah with his bleeding arm.

They got into more fights but things gradually changed and they got better and eventually became friends from my understanding. For now though things would stay the same. The fighting and hate.

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