《Tales Of Narcinica》V1 Chapter 7 - Gone Are The Good Days


"Hey, Caleb can you come over here?" Noah said having made up his mind about the talk they had the last night.

"So have you decided?" Caleb replied as his heart beat for an answer. He said nothing else, no "whats up" or "hey." He was just being as blunt as possible.

"I think I will give you 60 acres of the North-east portion but you will have to sign these documents." Noah said finally letting go of his breath.

Now Caleb was beyond happy. He was only happy for the wrong reasons though and those wrong reasons would change his life.

Caleb signed the documents then went to explore his portion of the land. It was almost abandoned with a few shops in the vicinity. He did not let that let him down. He instantly went to work and made all sorts of structures. He made pastry shops and sold them to pastry chefs and it slowly became a plaza of stores with the exception of his house being there. This land was not a livable place though so he tried making a suburban neighborhood. This he did successfully.

He invited people over to that part of Solitude and people slowly came. Just then he started making his own army and his own form of government

Noah saw all this happen in the span of a few years. He had been so busy with rebuilding and upgrading structures he almost forgot about Caleb's part of land. The moment he heard an army was being created he came furious for what was going on. Why create a government on Noah and his government. People say he was able to do it through bribery.

"CALEB, WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!" Noah said in a ferocious tone.

"Well, Noah while you have been living in your old world or whatever. I have been advancing to the point of no return! Don't you like it?!" Caleb said expecting praise.


"Are you going to stop?! You idiot. The thought of you trying to take down MY kingdom." Noah said.

"Simply put Noah. I will NOT stop and you will lose this WAR." Caleb replied.

"What are you getting out of this?" Noah said.

"Well to be quite frank I am getting power. Something that YOU take away."

"What the heck?! You are the type of people who do not DESERVE power."

"You deserve power! Wow you moron you really don't know anyhting do you."


"Why is everything yours. Mine mine mine."

"You are a baby. Your actions have consequences."

"Yours don't?"

"This is the epitome of manipulation you know."

"I do know. You do not. You have treated me terribly and I DESERVE this."

"Why is being a victim fun for you?"

"I am not being a victim!"

"Be awake Caleb. This is not you..."


"You think you are."

"Why are you contradicting me? Why do you disagree with me?!"

"As you would say. I dont agree with you."


"When have I treated you poorly. All I remember is you treating THE ENTIRE KINGDOM poorly!"

After this argument war was declared on what Caleb called the "New World." Though Caleb was optimistic beyond comprehension, Noah was not. Noah felt down and started rallying up troops. Not only did he have Terminia to fight a war against he also had the New World. The burdens he had. He was extremely upset and infuriated but nonetheless he still persevered.

Caleb years after the war, still spent days and nights awake and wishing he had never done such things. He would never be able to gain the respect of his friends the same way again. His friends and family joked around about the war. He did not think it was a joke. He thought it was the worst decision of his life. He would gain royalty in the kingdom just not the respect that comes with it.


I personally have spent years researching this and I cant find a dabble of information on how Caleb and Noah's friendship was after this war. It is in poems and stories but I cannot pin point exactly.

The poems say that the friendship became bitter while the stories say they had a "bond like no other." I am not sure which to trust. Either way, whatever came out of this war must have not been ideal.

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