《Tales Of Narcinica》V1 Chapter 3 - The Powerhouse


As Jackson was destroying the Oyster Bar Caleb, Noah, and Josiah were running frantically to the "Powerhouse."

"Come on old man!!" Shouted Caleb as he was rushing towards The Powerhouse.

Then in the far distance The Powerhouse. It was a magnificent structure. It was built from the finest materials and was made to house the highest in ranks. It had one rock from which all of the fuel in the building used to power themselves. The rock was no ordinary rock though, it was the first rock ever put down in the kingdom and it never moved an inch. Prophecy says that the rock will only move during the end of the kingdoms life. Sadly that was that was too soon for comfort.

💥 BOOM! The men rushed in and fell flat on the ground panting. They had been running tirelessly and wanted to rest immediately. But work had to be done and work is what they needed to do.

"What are we to do?" Exclaimed Noah as he frantically tried getting his weapons.

"Just rest." Josiah said calmly.

"What are you even saying you idiot?!" Caleb said fascinated by what Josiah said. How could he be so calm?


"Please rest or you will surely say your last words." Josiah said sympathetically.

"Ok Josiah, but one thing." Said Caleb.

"Yes." Replied Josiah

"Why are you so quiet today? I mean even though you are usually quiet it just seems unnatural." Caleb said without hesitation.

"Well, to be honest Caleb. I am handing my crown to Noah." Replied Josiah

Now, Caleb was extremely upset for he believed he would obtain the crown after Josiah but he would not say anything. But he would slowly grow angry and greedy for the crown but for now he was just upset. Just upset, for now.


Just then the boom outside stopped. Noah peeked his head out and saw tons of dust but a figure about the size of him emerge from the dust.

"Care for a drink?" Said Shadow looking back to her destroyed Oyster Bar.

"But bu-bu-but." Said Noah.

"How did you manage to defeat the beast, Shadow?" Said Josiah who was by now at a loss for words.

"Well by simply slash-n-dashing it!" Shadow replied quickly. She often spoke in a slang and in a broken up tone.

"I am going to bed." Said Caleb who was completely confused by now.

"Probably a good idea." Replied Noah.

Noah and Caleb went to bed for they were completely brain dead. Shadow and Josiah on the other hand went to the decimated Oyster Bar. They went to have a talk with eachother.

"Grab me a dozen oysters." Said Josiah. He needed to calm down from the whole mess that happened.

"Coming up!" Replied Shadow.

"They are coming. The Terminians are coming and coming soon." Josiah said quickly.

We all do this act where we talk about something and then go talk about something completely different. Josiah did this with Shadow only. She was the only to understand the concepts about how he spoke. The reason he did it this time was became of something serious that only she understood as you we see now.

"Terminal?" Said Shadow.

"We will have to fight back." Said Josiah.

"We WILL have to fight back." Replied Shadow.

"We will have to go to Terminal End and learn more about our world-."


They never got to go to Terminal End. The war happened too soon. If only I could step in and be the bait to give them more time. But things happen and a war was about to happen.

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