The Forgotten Princess Chapter 3


William and I chatted at the terrace outside. There were only a few people here and we can talk privately.

It looks like he is a good person judging by our conversation. He was talking about his studies and his plans to work for the kingdom as a court official. He has many plans that would benefit the people of Alvannia.

It was nice talking to him and I was not left out with the subject. My days in the palace were always with Richard, my younger brother. He was heir to the throne and tutors are always there to teach him many things.

My stepmother the queen was against me getting the needed education of a princess, saying that I am of low birth and a simple peasant's education will suffice.

What she doesn't know was I always sneak into my brother's courtyard to spend my days with him. When the personal tutors teach Richard I was just near him seaming not interested but I was learning in secret.

My knowledge in history, politics, and running the country where as good as my brother's and maybe even better. I may not have learned etiquette and grace of a princess but I gained the knowledge of a crowned prince.

William and I were deep in conversation when I felt someone was glaring at me with hatred. It sent chills all over my body.

"Is something the matter, princess Alicia?" William asked. "Maybe I'm boring with this kind of topic."

"Oh no, not at all. And please call me Alicia." I smiled. "What you just have said was great plans. I am sure that you would become a great official when you inherit the title of duke." I said.

"Really? Then you can call me Will." William said enthusiastically. "Thank you so much Alicia. What you said just gave me additional confidence in myself." He reached for my hand and held it gently. I suddenly blushed with his gesture.


"Of course he will become a great official." A young lady's voice said. This voice was very familiar to me. It belongs to none other than my second eldest sister Elizabeth.

William and I both look back to see two young ladies walking towards us. It was my eldest sisters Veronica and Elizabeth.

My stepsisters inherited the freatures of my stepmother. They both have strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. They were both wearing gorgeous gowns that won't lose to what I am wearing now.

"He is the future grand Duke of Cunningham and will be a great court official in our kingdom." Elizabeth said.

"Your highnesses." William bowed down as a greeting towards them.

Elizabeth clenched her fists in irritation but her face wore a fake smile.

"It's good to see you again sir William." Victoria gave courtesy and Elizabeth followed.

"The last time we met was in your birthday celebration sir William." Elizabeth said.

"Yes it's been a while." William replied with a neutral smile.

"Your father the duke is looking for you." Veronica said.

"Oh is that so?" William said. "Alicia I will take my leave. I'll see you later after I talk to my father. Okay?"

"Sure Will. Go ahead." I said with a smile. Then I can feel the hateful stare again. That moment, I saw where it was coming from, it was coming from Elizabeth. She was staring daggers at me.

"Come sir William. I'll take you to him. He is with my father and the other nobles chatting." Elizabeth said and hooked her arm with William's.

William was taken by surprise. "O-Okay princess Elizabeth." He said awkwardly.

"Aww how many time will I tell you to call me by my nickname Liz?" Elizabeth said while flirting.


"I'm sorry princess but it's not that easy." William was saying when they were out of ear shot.

Veronica was still standing there looking at the two who just entered the ballroom. Then suddenly she looked at me with fierce eyes. It gave me the creeps.

"Know your place Alicia." Veronica said. "You're just an illegitimate child. You are no match with a future duke such as William. You are not qualified to be his wife."

I was shocked and rooted in place. "Veronica, I never once thought of being William's wife. I was just happy to become friends with him." I explained.

"Liar!" Victoria shouted. "You are a slut like your mother. She tempted my father. I won't let you do the same with Liz. I won't let you steal William from her."

"But I didn't..." I tried to tell Veronica she was thinking wrong but she turned her back and walked away.

I can hear the music playing inside. When I looked at the dance floor I saw Willam and Elizabeth dancing hand in hand. My heart ached a bit while looking at them.

'Who are you kidding Alicia?' I thought to myself. 'Nothing will change even after this night.' I sighed.

"It looks like you're not in good terms with your stepsisters third princess Alicia Roselyn Von Heist." A voice of young man said.

"Who's there?" I looked around searching.

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