《Blood Evolution System 》Chapter 28: Surfing


Vincent woke up early in the morning after a good night's sleep. Calculative lights flickered in his eyes as he rubbed them to dispel his sleepiness.

"Tomorrow is the military's academy entrance exam. I am well prepared for it but it doesn't hurt to have an ace up my sleeves," Vincent said with narrowed eyes after splashing his face with water to refresh himself.

He was well-prepared but didn't indulge in overconfidence because passing the entrance exam with a high evaluation was the most important thing in his life right now, and he wanted to prepare something extra special for it.

At the moment, the trump card he decided to create was a fire magic scroll.

"Fireball scroll is a magic-grade inscription. The materials needed to create this talisman are energy conducting brush, magic scroll, elemental heart blood of a fire-type beast, and a fire beast core. I already have two and only lack the magic scroll and elemental heart blood."

Vincent needed to purchase the last two things necessary to create a fire magic scroll and he also wanted to window shop for a few new world's items he found interesting such as accessories with spatial storages and quantum item that comes equipped with an artificial intelligence chip. Now that he was a verified adventure, he was able to purchase these things. And so, he decided to head towards the adventurer's marketplace after breakfast.

He had enough cash left behind from the inheritance he received from his parents, his monthly allowance from the military, and the 100 magic power he earned, and so he believed that he would be able to purchase beast's blood and even a second-hand new world's item if he liked.

Vincent had never spent any allowances he received from the military. He also barely touched the inheritance he received after the death of his parents. It all cashed up to a one hundred thousand federation cash.


He had a huge amount of cash left but he wasn't sure for how much new world's items were sold for as only certified combatants and those with an adventurer's license can access such information.

"Let's see the things I might want to purchase and their prices online. It doesn't hurt to take a look," Vincent thought as he gained access to the adventurer's market page after his smartwatch scanned the QR code inscribed on the back of his adventure license.

After swiping a few times, he found some interesting things that he could purchase. Though purchasing a single one of them will cost him his entire inheritance.

Items with spatial storage and subspaces were expensive as they were created when a master alchemist uses his furnace to smelt a metal called Mythril and reshape it into an accessory such as rings, amulets, or bracelets. The finishing touch that creates a subspace is added by an inscriptionist by integrating the core of a spatial type beast with the accessory.

Mythril and space-type beast cores were rare and thus they made up at least half of the price. The buyer also needs to pay for the manual and material cost and a thirteen percent sale tax imposed by the federation.

Vincent wanted to purchase a spatial storage device as it will be helpful when journeying through wilderness and danger zones. He'll be able to store a lot of items in one without feeling burdened by the weight of them, and it was far better than using a backpack.

"At best, I can purchase the cheapest one among the spatial storage items–a low-quality ring with subspace. Otherwise, I won't be able to get what I truly need." Vincent said as he decided to buy the black serpent ring, and he then logged out from his newly registered online adventure account.


The spatial ring was created from the toughened scales of a mutated serpent. It could endure physical attacks from magical beasts. In other words, he wouldn't feel troubled about placing all his eggs in a single basket as it will be hard for such a spatial ring to break.

Once a spatial device breaks, all the items inside it vanishes for good, after all.

'I can purchase them online but it would take between two to three days to be delivered. I can't wait that long,' Vincent thought as he went downstairs to eat the blood sausages that he privately requested Leila to prepare.

Because he wanted to purchase these things immediately, he decided upon heading straight to the adventurer's association building.

"Should I dye my hair black?" Leila said as the members of the orphanage sat around the dining table and stuffed their faces with food.

"Yeah, it feels a little weird to see you with snowy white hairs," Peter said as he took a bite out of a crunchy toast.

"Hmm, I think there's no need. You look good with white hair."

Vincent's remarks caused Leila to blush and her cheek turned as red as a ripe tomato.

"Since you like it I won't dye them black," She muttered as her head lowered to hide her embarrassment.

Vincent managed to hear what she said as his sense of hearing has improved by a large degree.

'I guess she likes me,' he thought as he silently ate the blood sausages–the only dish on the table that didn't taste bland.

The emotion of love was foreign to him but he also liked Leila. However, he wasn't sure whether the like he held towards her was that of a sibling or that of a lover.

"Brother, are you heading somewhere?" Peter asked as Vincent readied himself to step.


"Yup, to buy some things. You wanna come along?"

"Why not?"

"I also wanna window shop. Can I come with you?" Leila said as she wrapped her hands around his elbows and looked at him with her crystalline white eyes.

The presence of ice cells has affected her appearance by a lot and even her eyes have turned unique but they were rather alluring matching well with her petite figure and cute face.

Vincent didn't decline her touch. Rather, he somewhat liked that Leila was opening up to him.

"No problem, you can come along," he replied as he stepped out of the orphanage with Leila.

Peter followed after them as he internally shipped his sister with Vincent.

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