《Blood Evolution System 》Chapter 27: Training for the exam


A new day began.

After completing his morning training, Shadow and a few others prepared breakfast for all the members of the orphanage. Vincent was full of energy and he felt like he didn't even need to consume any sort of food so at first, he declined their offer. However, he joined in on the feast as Old Miller and Leila asked him to eat together with them.

The kids prepared a heavy breakfast in celebration of Leila's recovery and evolution. They prepared the chicken that they bought yesterday. There were also three different types of sausage, fried eggs, toasts, and a lot of other kinds of stuff.

'This is more like a dinner. Though why does everything taste somewhat bland? Is it because I am one part vampire and one part human?' Vincent thought as he tasted the food. It felt kinda weird, munching on sumptuous-looking food that tastes bland. It was almost frightening.

"A young man like you should eat more," Old Miller said as he looked at him.

"Ah, sure," Vincent replied, feeling that he shouldn't decline his goodwill.

"Let me help you," Leila smiled sweetly at him as she said while placing some blood sausages on his place.

"You guys are like newlyweds!" Shadow said with a teasing smile causing Leila and Vincent's cheeks to blush red.

"No, we aren't!"

They shouted all at the same time, before stuffing their face in the food.

"This stuff is tasty!" Vincent exclaimed as he consumed the blood sausages. He understood that food with blood will taste far better than food without blood. He determined that it's a side effect that came along with evolving and becoming a demi-human.

After eating a few sausages, he excused himself and went back to the training ground. He wanted to train and increase his battle energy capacity to 42 units. The maximum limit that his vessel can contain right now, but he'll be able to contain more battle energy in his body as he continues to improve his constitution.


"Brother, I have a favor to ask," Peter said as Vincent practiced his transcendental-grade combat technique on the wooden puppet.

"Say it," Vincent said as he looked at Peter.

"I want you to train me. Next time I don't want to feel useless. It's a terrible feeling when you know someone close to you might die because you've no power to save them," Peter said. "I want to become a powerful battle master so that I can protect my family and those I care about."

Except for Old Miller, Vincent was the only strongest person Peter knew of. He was also the person he was the closest to. While Old Miller's training was quite effective in increasing his strength, it wasn't enough. If he keeps on following the regular training schedule then he will become powerful but it'll take a lot of time. However, he didn't want to wait that long. He wanted to become strong as fast and as soon as he possibly can and his best bet was Vincent.

Vincent discerned the reason behind his newfound motivation in mere seconds. He believed that today's event has helped Peter realize how shit it feels to be powerless.

"Well, I don't think I can be considered as a strong battle master, but I can teach you a thing or two about one," Vincent said. "First off, tell me how many units of battle energy your body can contain."

"Hmm, I am not sure, but I guess it's around thirteen," Peter replied as he rubbed his chin.

"That's good. Uncle might have already told you but let me say it again, the constitution of your body determines the amount of battle energy you can contain. Your body is the vessel that contains battle energy. The quickest way for you to increase the quality of your body and expand your vessel will be enduring a training schedule far harsher than the regular schedule."


"I believe you've one in mind," Peter said as he looked at Vincent in anticipation.

"I surely do. You'll wear heavy equipment while sparring with me. The twist is that I won't be pulling back my punches. If you can endure through the training then your strength will increase rapidly as your body will be able to contain a larger amount of battle energy. However, if you can't endure this harsh training then just say it and I'll come up with a new training method," Vincent said with a smile as his eyes glistened in a thoughtful and calculative light.

Since he was stronger than most of the people his age, the kids in the orphanage didn't like sparring with him, and hence, most of the time, he practiced his techniques on wooden puppets. Sometimes he would go to battle arcades to fight against Droids. But Droids weren't really strong. Their strength could rival E-rank combatants but their skills were worse than one. Besides, sparring with a human feels far different than hunting a beast or battling an unintelligent puppet with fixed patterns, after all.

In a fight, humans sometimes do unpredictable things and that helps a lot in covering up weak points. He found that out in his battle against Theodore. That's why he wanted to spar with another person now more than ever, and God has sent a man his way.

The reason as to why he wants to train him was that he believes that he will not only help Peter out but also gain actual combat experience by sparring with him.

"I'm alright with us sparring," Peter said as he wore heavy pieces of equipment.

"Peter, let's get started. I hope you'll not regret your decision," Vincent said as he closed the distance with a single step and threw a few jabs towards him.


Peter's talent in enduring pain was far superior to that of Vincent. Although he was beaten to a bloody pulp every day, he still came to spar with Vincent the very next day. Not only did he learned charged fist in just a few days, but his body was also able to contain around 20 units of battle energy.

Vincent, on the other hand, completed the mission he accepted by handing over the poisonous herbs, earning a 100 piece of low-level magic stones. He also trained a lot these days. The military entrance exam was upon them, after all, but he wanted to get the hand of his new abilities.

He found out that the blood stored in the [Sangue Heart] was pretty easy to control. It was no different than his limbs.

After training for a few days in the orphanage training ground, he was able to form a sword out of his blood. However, it was mentally taxing to maintain the shape of his weapon for more than ten minutes.

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