《Blood Evolution System 》Chapter 26: Old Miller's past.


As he was covered in a lot of blood, Vincent decided that it'll be better to have a scented bath rather than a shower. That way he'll wash off the scent of blood. So he twisted the water tab causing water to run out of it and fill the tub. After taking off his torn clothes and adding scented soap to the water, Vincent relaxed down on the bathtub, letting the wash away the dust and blood accumulated during his travel.

"So relaxing. Today has been a hell of a day." Vincent internally said, "Blood, I have a question to ask."

‹You may ask me anything you like, Owner.›

"Well, I wanted to ask if there's a relation between the constitution attribute and battle energy capacity," Vincent said as he felt that with a little bit of hardcore training he would be able to contain more than 31 units of battle energy. This feeling arose when his constitution improved. Furthermore, it became stronger as his constitution reached 42 points.

Though it was just a feeling and he believes that it would be better to clear up any misconception by talking with the blood evolution system while enjoying this bath.

‹Yes, there is. Your body can now contain 42 units of battle energy since your body constitution has been improved by a lot.›

The answer was well appreciated by Vincent.

"Wow. That means I can shorten weeks to months worth of physical training by simply using attribute points to increase my constitution." Vincent said as he beamed.


After a while, Vincent got out of the water and clenched his two fists in excitement. If he utilizes the power of his system, he could rise in power very rapidly. Though it was troublesome to fight beasts in the wilderness. You might want to fight a single beast but a dozen or so might pop out of nowhere. As he had faced this situation and nearly died, Vincent decided to do what a majority of people do.

"I will find some powerful and trustworthy people to form a hunting party with once I join the military academy. It'll be easy to find some. A lot of talented youth with a good amount of strength will be attending that place, after all," Vincent thought as he decided to dry his body and get dressed up.

A few days ago, he believed that as long as he uses his magic resonating eyes, he'll be able to evade all sorts of danger in Earth's wilderness the weakest, the weakest of all wilderness, and that's why he went solo.

But a single trip was enough to help him realize that he'll die!

He would truly be a fool if he went out to hunt once again, even after nearly dying because of going solo.


"Overnight, I've not only grown taller by an inch or two, but my physique had also become much sturdier. My skin resembles that of vampires and my muscle seemed a little too developed for my age. It's definitely because of the rapid increase in my strength," Vincent said in wonderment as he was amazed by the reflection represented by the mirror.

The man reflected in the mirror stood 6.1 feet tall, with medium-length black hair and wet overgrown bangs messily hanging over his forehead. With sword-like eyebrows and heart-sharped lips, he looked quite handsome. His body was decorated with sets of well-defined abdominal muscles that rippled down from the top of the upper abdomen to the bottom of the lower abdomen. His white skin seemed to look a lot paler when compared to before. His chest has also widened.

"Now that's perfect."

Vincent added a finishing touch to his look by slicking his hair back. He then wore a white shirt and slightly loose black trousers before stepping out of the bathroom.

Knock Knock!

Vincent just sat on his bed when someone knocked on the door of his room. The one knocking on the door shouldn't have come without a reason. Thus, he went to open the door, and at the entrance stood Old Miller.

"Can I come in?"

"Sure but why are you here? Do you need anything?" Vincent asked as Old Miller entered the room and sat down on the chair near his bed.

"You've grown a lot since I last saw you," Old Miller said as he was able to determine that Vincent has become a lot powerful. "Though the reason why I've come here is to ask whether something is disturbing you are fine or not."

"I'm fine. Trust me on this," Vincent said.

"You definitely aren't fine," Old Miller said as he looked at him.

"Was I too obvious?" Vincent said as he evaded making eye contact with Old Miller.

"Nah, you did well to hide it but you did too well. Besides, whenever you say trust me, it usually means you are more than ninety percent sure or are trying to hide something. If something is troubling you then don't hesitate to talk about it with me. Maybe I'll be to help you in some ways," Old Miller said with a fatherly smile.

"What if I tell you that I've become a monster who likes to feast on the blood of others? What will you do then?" Vincent asked as he wanted to know whether he'll be left all alone or remain surrounded by a group of people he could trust.

"I don't know what happened that made you think like that, but I want you to know that I'll stay by the side of a monster like you. A monster who saves the life of another person is honestly worth befriending because that monster possesses a silver soul. You've saved someone's life. Thus, according to our culture, you can be considered as a person with a silver soul, a hero as to say. So don't let the death of a few beasts hold you back." Old Miller flicked Vincent's forehead as he believed that he was troubled because of killing multiple beasts.


Taking any life even the life of a beast wasn't something pleasant. Old Miller knew what it meant the best as he was a veteran soldier with a twisted past.

Old Miller seemed to have misunderstood what Vincent meant by his words, and Vincent had no thoughts of clearing this misunderstanding.

"Okay," Vincent replied while rubbing his forehead. "Anyway, thanks for letting me use this dagger. I should return it now."

"Nah, you should keep it. It's a pretty decent weapon and it would be a shame for its creator if it's left to rust. If you don't want to use then just sell it to a merchant. It'll sell for a good price." Old Miller said as he wanted Vincent to use this weapon.

"Why are you so good to me?" Vincent asked as Old Miller neared the door.

"I am just repaying the favor bestowed upon me by your father."

"What favor?"

"I was a war slave. You know they're treated badly just cuz they aren't "Earthlings". I killed thousands of beasts and monsters by the means of using traps, refined Bombs, and Beast Bullets. Though the higher-ups took all the credits. Thus, my status was never once promoted. Injuries stacking up wasn't a problem for a healer like me, but my energy channels were poisoned by a terrifying beast. I thought that I was finally gonna die under the claws of that terrifying beasts like my fellow war slaves when your father chanced upon my dire situation and saved my life, and even recruited me.

"It might be because he has heard the rumors about my talent as a supporter or there may be a different reason but I don't care. He was the first person to treat a war slave like me with respect. He didn't take credit for my achievements and let me be recognized for my hard work. Not to mention the uncountable number of times we trusted out back to each other. If it wasn't for him, then even if I have survived, I would have turned my back on humans or rather my humanity itself. Regretfully, I had to retire to control the spread of the poison that has taken roots in my energy channels." Old Miller clarified before he coughed thrice.

"Are you alright?" Vincent asked as he stood up to pat his back.

"Nothing to worry about." Old Miller told him off before he stepped out of the room.

He wasn't fine at all. The poison of the beast was terrifying, as it grows and spreads each time mana circulate through his energy channels. He was warned not to use his ability or any kind of magic techniques as that will lead to an outbreak by the military advisor. And it has happened just a while ago, when he used his ability to repeatedly heal Leila and also to purify the herb that ultimately granted her a new life.


The poison was also one of the two reasons why he didn't head out to the wilderness, as he was sure that it will spread out and consume his remaining lifespan, killing him at that very instant. The second reason was pretty simple, and that was that he didn't have any traps, consumable military weapons like bombs, or even BBs (beast bullets). The main sources of his combat prowess were retained by the military, as a commoner can't carry such weapons. His retirement left him with a good sum of money, the status of a mid-class commoner, and a regular but limited supply of poison suppressants.

Back in his room, Old Miller was coughing up violently.

'The damn poison is acting up again! Well, this sacrifice was worth it. In my deathbed, I can proudly claim that I've saved a gifted person, haha." Old Miller thought with a pleasant smile as he opened a rectangular container before consuming the powdery contents inside.

It was a suppressant especially created for the unique poison inhabiting his energy channels. "This should be enough to suppress this mild outbreak."

Vincent, on the other hand, felt angered at the injustice done to Old Miller, and he then felt a little bad.

"They treated him badly just cause he's a human from an otherworld, huh? Those pricks of the army!"

'I shouldn't have asked him that, it must've reopened his old wounds,'

Vincent felt slightly disturbed as he laid down on his bed.

He didn't know that Old Miller has such a painful past. If he knew then he wouldn't have ever raised a topic even remotely related to war slaves.

Meanwhile, Peter and Leila conversed about their daily lives before he returned to his room, where he took out his night suits and changed into them before hitting the bed and quickly falling asleep.

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