《Blood Evolution System 》Chapter 25: Alchemist!


"Don't listen to his nonsense." Old Miller said, he was as relaxed as ever. "You came back at just the right time. Hurry up and hand me the magic herb."

"Ah, sure, will this be enough to help her out?" Vincent asked as he took the magic herb out from his backpack and handed it over to Old Miller.

"This should be good enough. Though I will need to purify it first," Old Miller replied as the magic ginseng floated above his hands.

Magic herb contained impurities that were harmful to the human body, one way or another, and it was a common practice of those treading on the new world's profession of the alchemist to distill impurities contained inside the magic herbs. That way, the magic herb will only retain its medicinal essence as it would be free of impurities. Then, it wouldn't be harmful to consume it.

The process of distilling impurities out of magical herbs depends solely on how skilled a person is in manipulating their mana. Mana is a purified version of magic power. Magic power contains hints of impurities, but they can be distilled by using special methods. Once magic power is cleansed of all impurities, it becomes mana. If a person is bad at manipulating their mana then either the magical herbs will be rendered useless or most of their medicinal essence will seep out of the herb along with the impurities. Therefore the ability to control mana with precision is very important when purifying a magic herb.

"It's been a while since I last purified a magic herb." Old Miller said as he used his mana to distills impurities out of the magical herbs. After a while of refining the magic ginseng, he managed to separate the medicinal essence and impurities from the magical herbs.


The impurities were black and yellowish. Whereas the medicinal essence of the magic ginseng was like waves glowing in a golden hue.

'He used hand signs and energy channels to control mana and manipulate it to distill the herb from impurities, and he did it all too easily. Old Miller's fine motor skill is exceedingly high.' Vincent thought as he gazed at

"All of this is life force isn't it?" Peter said as he looked at the golden waves.

"Yes, a hundred years' worth of life force exactly and this should be enough to rejuvenate your sister," Old Miller replied to Peter before he gazed at Leila. "Do not resist and just try to breathe, I'll inject the life force in your body."

Leila blinked her eyes in response. It was too much for her to speak her thoughts out loud, after all.

Then, guided by Old Miller's mana, the golden waves of medicinal essence of the magic ginseng entered her body through the nostrils, eyes, ears, and slightly parted lips.

As the life force entered her body, she felt warmth all over her body. Her wrinkled skin smoothened and it seemed no different than that of a young girl. Not only that, but the life force also helped her complete the evolution process in a few minutes.

Badum!* Badum!** Her heart started beating rapidly as if she has been granted a second life. The golden waves of life force provided enough energy for her to evolve. Though some years' worth of life force was still left in her body, and it was utilized by the evolution process to force open her newly created sealed energy channels.

"All right! It's done." Old Miller said, "She has awakened successfully. The evolution process is complete."


"How do you feel?" Peter asked.

"Exceptionally good," Leila replied. "Thank you all for saving my life, especially you, big brother Vincent."

"No problem. I would have done the same thing if it Peter or someone else." Vincent said, "If you don't mind, can you tell me how many energy channels you've opened?"

When a person is undergoing awakening, energy channels are created. Though they are sealed. A large amount of energy is needed to unlock energy channels. If a certain amount of energy is provided during the awakening, then the evolution process will use it to help open these channels.

"I can feel that I've opened 3 energy channels. But I can also feel several sealed energy channels." Leila replied as she didn't mind telling Vincent such things.

"That's great," Vincent exclaimed. A person with three opened energy channels can contain 300 units of magic power in their channels and 50 units of magic power in their heart. That means Leila can contain 350 units of magic power on her body already. Yet, she was just a teenager like himself.

In the future, she'll become powerful and contribute a lot to the race.

As she was praised, Leila felt proud and happy. Beauties will be beauties, praise them continuously and they'll burst up with happiness. Considering the fact that the person who praised her also went to a dangerous place for her sake, she felt very delighted.

Vincent's actions have warmed her heart so much that even the corners of her lips have lifted up in a smile.

"Thank you!" Leila sweetly smiled at Vincent.

Vincent has always thought of her as a little sister, but now, with a smile on her face, he couldn't help but stare at her as he couldn't deny that she looked truly lovely and alluring.


"Anyway, Vincent you should go and take a bath," Old Miller said causing Vincent to finally look away from her face.


"Brother, you smell like shit," Peter added.

"Girls don't like smelly boys," Leila said with a teasing smile.

Vincent realized that the stinky blood of the phantom creepers that he found delicious was undoubtedly putrid for others.

"Then, I'll go take a bath," Vincent said as he dashed back to his room.

He felt bad. He was different from others now, as he was a demi-human, after all. He was no longer human.

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