《Blood Evolution System 》Chapter 23: Vampirism! (upgraded version)


‹Gained Abilities: Sangue Heart (Lv:1), Blood Purification (Lv:1), Blood Bending (Lv:1), Siphon (Lv:1)›

Vincent looked at the details of the abilities he gained and he was more than just surprised as they all were extremely useful for combat and filled his mind with various wonders.

[Sangue Heart

Lv: 1

Proficiency: 0%

Effect: The owner can store 50 units of blood in the [Sangue Heart]. You can heal by using blood. As the skill level is too low, the owner can only heal flesh wounds and scars.]

[Blood Purification

Lv: 1

Requirements: [Sangue Heart]

Proficiency: 0%

Cost: 10 units of magic power every two-liter of toxins.

Effect: Purifies the blood of low-level creatures to the point that it's useable by the owner without any adverse effects. The blood can be stored in the [Sangue Heart].]

[Blood Bending


Requirements: [Sangue Heart]

Proficiency: 0%

Cost: Blood

Effect: Grant's owner the special ability to manipulate blood stored in the [Sangue Heart]. You can manipulate the blood to create crystallized blood weapons of various shapes. It can also be used in various other ways.]

[Blood Siphoning

Lv: 1

Requirements: [Sangue Heart]

Proficiency: 0%

Effect: Once activated, the owner will be granted sharp fangs that can be used to extort a portion of the target's attribute points. The fangs are good for rending flesh and sucking blood. The fangs can release a sucking force that increases the absorption of blood from others.]

"A person without a massive background needs to work their fingers to the bone to obtain a special ability. But I have gained a special ability after evolving. Furthermore, I also obtained information on how to utilize them. I guess these are the perks related to becoming a demi-human." Vincent thought before he wondered what proficiency does.

‹To answer the owner's question, proficiency increases each time you utilize a skill. The ability will level up once it reaches 100%.›

Vincent's confusion about the proficiency system cleared up.

"Thank you," Vincent said to blood before he stood up and walked up to the nearest corpse of the phantom creeper while thinking about his newfound special abilities.

In particular, [Sangue Heart] gave him the benefit of storing the blood of other creatures and using that blood to heal his injuries. Previously, the grievous wounds he had sustained were vanquished almost immediately by the life force contained inside of the first's blood. He believed that once the [Sangue Heart] reaches a greater height, he'll be able to even heal life-threatening wounds.


Nevertheless, he was extremely happy with what he got. His regenerative ability and strength as a whole have increased by a large amount. He felt like he could take on two of his previous selves and still come out a winner in a fight.

Besides that, the blood purification ability granted him a huge advantage. It wasn't possible to absorb a beast's blood as it can poison a human or even adversely mutate their bodies. However, by using blood purification, he could absorb the blood of low-level beasts without any trouble.

More importantly, blood bending granted a massive boost in his combat ability. Vincent was itching to start training in this ability and understand the ways to utilize it. He wondered what the most powerful weapon he can create right now, though for now, the ability that caught most of his attention was the one mentioned at the very end.

"If what I am thinking is true, then I can easily increase my strength by a few times by absorbing the blood from the carcasses of the beasts I have killed," Vincent thought as he squatted beside a phantom creeper.

He placed his hands on top of the beast's head and activated blood purification. A mystical force seeped out of his body and purified the toxic blood of the phantom creeper before a message popped up.

‹The blood of the beast is 100% purified. It's now safe to absorb its blood.›

‹Blood Purification skill proficiency has increased to 1%.›

"A normal person will think twice before drinking the blood a beast but I'll do anything to become strong even if it means to drink blood. Blood Siphoning!"

Vincent activated his special ability as he felt a sharp stabbing pain in his canine teeth. The pain subsided after they transformed into sharp fangs.

Under the dazzling rays of the morning sunlight, he revealed his white glistening fangs before sinking them deep into the flesh of the phantom creepers.

The fangs released a powerful suction force that sucked the blood of the beast at a frightening speed.

‹Blood Siphoning skill proficiency has increased to 1%.›

'The blood of this beast is delicious. The scent is so pleasant.' Vincent thought as the blood poured in between its teeth and filled his mouth to the brim.


'What a delicious scent!'

'So satisfying!'

He thought as the blood went down his throat and got stored in the heart located on the right side of his chest. He became addicted to it, however, and his fang sank deeper and deeper inside the flesh of the beast. The suction force increased as if boosted by his desire to devour more blood. Along with a huge amount of blood, he also felt a different something mysterious entering into his body.

‹You've extracted the power contained in the blood of the beast. The power of blood has been merged with the owner's body›

As soon as this message popped up, Vincent felt an increase in his strength.

‹Your Magic Power capacity has increased to 90 units.›

‹Your Strength has increased to 42 points.›

‹Your Agility has increased to 37 points.›

Multiple messages popped up as Vincent sucked the phantom creeper from all its blood. The corpse of the beast dried up as it lost all its blood. Vincent realized that this special ability can help him increase his strength extremely fast as long as he can devour blood.

Yes, blood!

I want to devour more blood!

In the next couple of minutes, Vincent devoured the blood of all the phantom creepers he has killed. Then, rather than heading to the fortress, he headed towards the place where he dismantled the Red Tusk Elephant.

After reaching there, he purified and then sucked the little bit of blood that could be salvaged from the cooked chunks of meat and organ as most of the blood and fluids of the elephant had evaporated.

‹Blood Purification skill proficiency has increased to 12%.›

‹Blood Siphoning skill proficiency has increased to 12%.›

‹Your Magic Power capacity has increased to 100 units. It has now maxed out.›

‹Your Strength has increased to 49 points.›

‹Your Constitution has increased to 42 points. Now you can contain 42 units of battle energy.›

‹Your Stamina has increased to 42 points.›

‹Your Agility has increased to 45 points.›

After he finished sucking the blood of the elephant, his strength has increased to five times that of an average human. Furthermore, his magic power capacity has reached the maximum limit. Now, he needed to evolve, so that energy channels will be created in his body, and only then will he be able to contain more than a hundred units of magic power in his body.

Vincent was glad to obtain such a great fortune. Though there was another side of this fortune. A thirst for blood had sprouted in his heart and it grew increasingly. All along he kept on thinking that blood was the tastiest drink he has ever drunk. The pleasure induced by drinking blood was too much for him, and even [Cold Mind] was barely able to help him in retaining rational thoughts.

'Should I hunt more beasts, but they're waiting for me to return to the orphanage with the magic herb that'll heal Leila.'

Trees were dotted all around him, and he stood in the middle of a clearing littered with the meat of the beast he had killed, unable to make a decision.

'Saving a life is important. She also means a lot to me. But… I want to drink more blood…' Vincent thought as he grasped his head in his hands, and then he became disgusted and horrified with himself.

'How can I even think in such a way!'

'Wasn't saving lives and ending the war the main reason why I needed strength?'

'Then why I am considering sucking blood over someone's life?'

'Eh, I… what have I become?'

Sunlight peeked through the green and thick canopies of the overgrown trees and shined upon Vincent's bloodied face as he came to realize that he had become a monster.

'This isn't the time to be indecisive. I need to hurry my way back to the orphanage. I will regret it for sure if something happens to Leila because of my greed for blood,' Vincent thought as he made his way to the fortress located in the southern region while performing hand signs to channel his magic power into magic resonating eyes.

Then he spread them far and wide so that they'll scout for him and alert him of any possible danger, before covering the same amount of distance in half the time, hurrying his way towards the nearest fortress.

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