《Blood Evolution System 》Chapter 22: Evolution


When the evolution process began, Vincent felt something piercing through his chest and squeezing into his body.

"Ugh," he gasped in pain as he suddenly felt a sharp spiking pain rising throughout his body as the hot, sticky, and alien blood of his ancestor coursed through his veins. Then, the blood congealed on the back of his right side chest bone.

The veins on the right side of his chest were bulging as the blood of his ancestor began to congeal into a heart. His chest tensed up as if it would burst at any moment.

‹The Pure Blood of the 'Kermis Idiouni De Sangue' has begun to blend in with your body. You're experiencing an evolution from a human being to a vampire.›

‹You have obtained the [Sangue Heart]›

‹Current progress: 5%›

Crackle~ Crackle~

Vincent's breastbone showed signs of cracking as it was unable to endure the sheer pressure emitted by the blood of the first. He gritted his teeth in enormous pain. He felt a lot of pain due to the pressure emitting out of the first's blood, but he did not scream out in pain. He did his best to keep in any screams as he feared he would alarm beasts roaming nearby.

Thankfully, adrenaline pumped across his body like wildfire, assisting him in this battle.

The pain continued throughout his body until the heart few to the size of a fist.

‹Current progress: 100%›

‹Congratulations, the owner has gained a new organ, [Sangue Heart]. It has been successfully integrated with the owner's body.›

‹Detected! The [Sangue Heart] has been formed but a lot of energy is left in the first's blood. Attempting to use this energy to heal most of your wounds. Will you accept?›

'Yes, I accept.' Vincent internally exclaimed.

‹Redirecting the remaining energy of the first's blood to heal the owner's body.›


As soon as this prompt appeared In front of him, he felt something flowing rapidly throughout his body.

'I am very familiar with this energy.'

'It is Life Force!'

'The purest one I have ever felt.'

Vincent's eyes brightened in happiness as the blood of the first continuously pulsated and released an enormous amount of Life Force in his body. The skin underneath the shredded hoodie, patched up rapidly as life-threatening wounds closed up. The mangled flesh of his hand healed in a few seconds along with the garnish wounds on his chest, and then the life force seeped between his bones causing bodily waste to be excreted out from his pores.

The leftover life force was used to reinforce all of his bones. His bodily strength increased at a rapid speed.

It also recreated his skin. The skin of his body turned a shade paler due to the evolution process.

‹The blood of the first has entirely blended with your body. Congratulations, the owner has successfully evolved›

‹You are now a demi-human›

Vincent swiped through the notification and found out that he is related to a vampire by blood.

'So I am from a family of vampires. I already thought that there is a massive probability of this happening. Sangue means Blood, after all, but it's still shocking to think that I've become one.' Vincent thought with a relieved expression on his face, 'Well, there's no need to worry. There has never been a mention of humans and vampires waging war against one another in history and vampires are considered non-existent as they have never made a public appearance.'

Then even more messages started to appear.

‹The Owner's body had been reinforced by Life Force. You've gained a tremendous boost›

‹Your Strength has increased to 39 points.›


‹Your Constitution has increased to 33 points. Now you can contain 33 units of battle energy.›

‹Your Health has increased by 33 points.›

‹Your Magic Power capacity has increased to 83 points due to the formation of the [Sangue Heart].›

As soon as the message popped up, Vincent licked his lips in glee. It's because the maximum amount of magic power that can be stored in the heart of a human is 50 units.

"But I can potentially store twice that amount as I now possess two hearts!"

Vincent was very pleased with the advantages the evolution has brought him. His stats had gone through an incomparably steep increase. But his happiness seemed to have no end because of something else. It was a new message that just popped up.

‹You have obtained new Abilities›

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