《Blood Evolution System 》Chapter 19: Phantom creeper!


Hearing the rustling of the grasses coming from behind him, Vincent turned around to stare in that direction with a scrutinizing gaze. Not a single trace of smile was visible on his face as he noticed a squirrel-shaped beast scurrying through the overgrown grass-littered land, passing one tree after another, and reaching towards him at an amazing speed.

Although it had puffy cheeks, the face, and the tail of a squirrel, it was anything else but that. The beast was about half his size, less than a meter tall, with buck teeth that looked sharper than a knife and clawed feet. It was covered in silver furs and sprinting on all fours. Its eyes gleamed scarlet as its thick limbs were utilized to their utmost limits. All in order to reach Vincent as fast as it could.

While the beast was taking its time to reach him, Vincent decided to use the appraisal spell matrix to get a better knowledge of what this creature is.

[Name: Phantom Creeper›

Rank: low-level beast ›

Hp: 10/10

Ability: none

Strength: 10

Agility: 28

Constitution: 17

Stamina: 39

Intelligence: 9]

'I have read about them in the books! Phantom creepers are ferocious beasts that form packs. They usually move in a group of at least three and at most ten. When one appears, then a few mores will most definitely be nearby! A few more might just be in the surrounding. I should hurry up and take care of this one before the rest comes,' Vincent thought as he believed that it was better to fight rather than running away.

Though comparing the stats of the beast with his own, Vincent determined that it was nearly as fast as him, and its stamina was far better than him, hence it was highly probable that it'll catch up to him, but it was weak and easy to kill. Its health point was too low as compared to the Red Tusk elephant. He just needed to land a sure-kill strike. Besides, seeing the stats of the beast, Vincent was overcome with confidence. That's why he chose to fight.


Furthermore, rather than focusing on the one he hadn't noticed, he considered it to be better to focus on the beast that was closing on him at a rapid phase.

Vincent patiently waited for the phantom creeper to enter his attack range with squinted eyes.

When the phantom creeper was a few feet away it leaped into the air and opened its mouth wide, revealing yellowish black, toxic teeth uncleaned for who knows how long that threatened to tear apart Vincent's neck in a single snap.

Vincent almost out of instinct stepped to the side as he evaded the beast's mouths that snapped mercilessly at thin air. It wasn't good news for the beast as it has entered his attack range.

Vincent timed himself properly and struck out in a flash before the beast could go past him. There was no way for the phantom creeper to dodge as it was still in mid-air and couldn't change its position.

Puchi! Puchi!

The inky, black dagger and aqua blue jeweled dagger in his hands whisked through the air and we're thrust into the chest and brain of the phantom creeper. His rapid thrusts erupted its heart and punctured its brain at the same time, and then blood gushed out of the wounds, warm and hot blood with a strong stench sprayed all over him and the grassy ground as he quickly pulled out the daggers.

The beast howled pitifully for one last time as it collapsed to the ground, lifeless.

‹ You've slain the low-level beast, Phantom Creeper ›

‹ 30 exp points gained ›

‹ Lv 2: 30/200 ›

He killed the beast, but at that moment, he didn't even get the chance to rejoice in his victory as the ever-increasing rustling sounds of the grasses that reached his ears from within the trees and overgrown vines, from far and near, made his body tense up. However, his emotions barely affected his judgment-making skills.

He looked towards the sources of the noises and felt a feeling of dread as he saw pair after pair of dark scarlet eyes shone from among the masses of grasses.

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