《Blood Evolution System 》Chapter 18: Goodies


Vincent decided to add all five of his stat point to agility. It's because his agility was the main reason as to why he won against the Red Tusk Elephant without getting hurt. Besides, as long as he's faster than his opponents, he can evade their attacks. That means he won't get hurt. Furthermore, if he couldn't hurt or defeat his opponent, he could always run away.

‹ Agility 35 ›

"Wow," Vincent exclaimed as he was shocked as the effect was instantaneous. If previously he was 3 times faster than an average person then now, he could feel that he was 3.5 times faster compared to an average person.

‹Owner, I see you're surprised. The attribute points are the condensed form of the purified version of Life Force. Undoubtedly, it's bound to instantaneously temper and improve your skeleton structure as it's made from higher grade energy which is far better than magic power.› Blood explained as Vincent's shock died down and he hurried to the magic herb that was guarded by the Red Tusk Elephant.

It was sun-colored ginseng. After the appraisal, Vincent found out that it was 100 years old, but it will increase the lifespan of any human that consumes it by 80-90 years! This treasure that is filled with an impressive amount of Life Force is more than enough to save Leila's life.

He collected this magic herb before collecting his bag. Then he stored the herb inside the bag before walking up to the corpse of the Red Tusk Elephant.

"If I were to eat the purified meat of this beast, then I'll gain fire ability cells. Then by charging them with magic power, I will be able to throw out fireballs, fire arrows, and other attacks made out of the fire. As I continue to evolve, absorbing more purified flesh of fire-type beasts for the growth of my fire ability cells, I would be able to use more and more powerful fire abilities," Vincent said as he blinked hard in consideration.


Nowadays, abilities were extremely valuable tools to have. Yet, he didn't have any. But now, he killed a beast. Once he eats the beast after purification, he'll gain a fire-based ability. Purification was necessary as otherwise, a person will mutate. After purifying the beast's meat and eating it, he will gain an elemental ability.

However, he was still hesitant. He has heard of powerful beasts with special abilities, and although they were in worlds far beyond Earth, he'll be able to explore such worlds after joining the military, and eating their purified flesh will grant him a special ability.

‹Why are you pondering so hard about it? You'll soon gain a unique ability, anyway, so you can eat this beast's purified flesh without hesitation.› Blood said as Vincent stopped pondering over it.

'What do you mean? What kind of unique ability?' Vincent internally asked as his eyes squinted.

‹The owner will know once you level up, I promise! Furthermore, the unique ability won't conflict with fire ability cells.›

Vincent grimaced as Blood suddenly started acting all mysterious.

Anyhow, he decided on becoming a fire ability user as the fire ability was among the most powerful offensive ability.

Though only a magic chef could purify a beast's meat. That means he needs to pay a certain sum to a person with the magic chef profession before he can proceed with the consumption of the evolution materials.

For now, he decided to extract the valuable things from this enormous beast.

The flames have burned the beast both internally and externally. However, Vincent assumed that even if all the heart's blood had evaporated, he might get lucky and get a one or two beast core from its body as the melting point of beast cores was too high up the ladder and the flames that killed the beast weren't powerful enough to melt the core.

However, he will have to get his hands dirty, and he was pretty willing to do it. Beast cores have an unlimited amount of uses, after all. There were different types of beast cores, but all of them were extremely valuable and highly sought after. The higher the class of the beast cores, the more valuable they are. This is because the energy in a beast's cores becomes denser as its class increases.


He only had 100000 federation dollars left in his account. That was the inheritance his parents left for him, but he needed to make a ton of money if he wanted to support himself in the future. It cost a lot to hire a magic chef, after all. Additionally, the resources required to become stronger cost a lot.

"Let's dismantle the beast," Vincent said as he coated Executioner with magic power. Then, he tilted the corpse of the Red Tusk Elephant by using all his strength. Using the tip of his dagger, he easily tore open the soft and cooked breast sections of the beast.

By pulling on each side with his hands, he widened the tear. This menial task that is supposed to be done by porter, he did it by himself, for the very first time.

Thereafter, he chopped the beast into various parts.

Then he searched through the different pieces and the sea of organs to look for beast cores. It was disgusting indeed, and he felt offended by what he was doing, but he suppressed his emotions and continued.

After a while, Vincent's lips thinned into a smile. He finally felt something solid and round in his hand, and he instantly pulled it out. It was a blue-colored stone around the same size as a baby's fist.

This was a magic power core. It is mainly used as a source of energy. But its best use is to create auxiliary-grade inscription. The price of such cores in the market wasn't bad at all, and he'll earn a good amount from selling it.

Vincent was happy to obtain just this one core. However, a few minutes later, he also obtained another one.

"An elemental core!" Vincent exclaimed as he gazed at the fiery crystal held in his hands. He could feel the heat emitting out of it, and it was warming his hands even in this cold winter.


‹Item: Red Tusk Elephant elemental core

Nature: Fire

Effect: It can be integrated into a beast weapon to give it a special effect. It can also be used to create a fire magic scroll› Blood explained as Vincent utilized appraisal.

This elemental core will surely go for a huge price in the market. However, Vincent decided to use it to create a fire magic scroll. Magic scrolls weren't easy to create but they were extremely useful in combat. A fire magic scroll can become a game-changer in a fierce fight.

He stored both the cores in the front pockets of his bag. There were dozens of evolution materials sprawled on the ground, but he could only abandon nearly all of them, as he couldn't carry so many things with him, and in the end, Vincent stored a few evolution materials in his bag until it was full.

He wondered if he'll be able to evolve by consuming the purified version of this bare minimum amount.


Vincent decided to walk south as a fortress was near in that direction. He only walked a few meters in that direction, when suddenly he heard the rustling of leaves and grasses.

He tensed up as it felt as if a beast was creeping up to him!

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