《Blood Evolution System 》Chapter 17: Sangue Famiglia!


Vincent calmly read through the notifications one by one, and after thinking about it for several seconds, his eyes brightened in excitement.

'These attribute points can be used to increase my strength. Am I right?'

‹That is correct, Owner. Attributes points can be disturbed into any stats to instantly improve your skeletal structure. However, I advise you to choose wisely as each stat targets a certain part of the body and it can cause an undesirable side effect.›

Vincent became excited. First off, he could communicate with the system through thoughts as the system can read his mind and also relay a message directly to his head. More importantly, he could increase his strength by using the attribute points.

'Balance must be necessary, huh?' Vincent asked as he couldn't clearly understand the last bit of the words that the Blood Evolution System had said.

‹Yes. For example, too much strength can increase the overall consumption of your stamina. Your agility will also be adversely affected as the increase in strength increase your weight. Similarly, if you're too fast, your body might not be able to endure it, and too much stamina with too little endurance, strength, and speed isn't exactly useful in combat.›

The Blood Evolution System explained as it was supposed to guide its owner on the correct path.

'Well, since you've now assimilated with me, care to explain exactly who and what are you?'

Vincent asked the system as he sat on the grassy ground. He was exhausted. He began breathing rhythmically to restore his stamina and battle energy.

‹I am an artifact created by the first head of the Sangue family. My sole purpose is to help the chosen descendant of the Sangue family to evolve. You are the chosen one. You're qualified to inherit the legacy of the first head of the Sangue family. According to the first's wishes, you must prove yourself worthy. To prove your worth, you have to complete the issued heritage missions. A part of the first's legacy will become yours once you complete a heritage mission.›


'Chosen for what exactly?'

‹The ninth have selected you for the position of the tenth head of the Sangue family.›

This reply was unexpected.

'I always thought my parents were high-class commoners. Now it seems there is more to it. My father is either related to the Sangue family or is the ninth. He probably chose me as the tenth. But why did he kept this a secret from me?' Vincent sighed, 'Anyway, to create something like this, the first head must be extremely powerful. I'll do my best to prove myself worthy of his legacy. Blood… I will be calling you that from now, what's the deal with the life spell matrix?'

‹It's a part of the first's legacy. It's created to help you become strong. After the owner takes someone's life, the life spell matrix that's now a part of your body will automatically activate to absorb the remaining life force from the being you killed. However, the life force obtained from such a method is extremely unstable and in a sense, has a life of its own. Therefore, for it to be used by the owner, the life spell matrix will purify the unstable life force by converting it into experience points.›

The Blood Evolution System used simple and general terms for its owner to understand. Vincent's eyes brightened as he raised his head to look at the first ray of sunlight radiating the cloudy white skies.

'I understand.' He thought, 'Experience points will then be used to level up, and each time I level up, I'll obtain attribute points to increase my overall strength. Correct?'

‹Yes, indeed!› Blood evolution system said as Vincent beamed.

Although some have a lot while others less, Life Force is undoubtedly present in every living being. Humans, demi-humans, beasts, aliens, and even the Darkin have life force. And now, he possessed the first's unique power to utilize someone's very life force after their death for himself.


‹But that's not all. There are various benefits of leveling up. You'll unlock a certain spell matrix at a certain level, and each one is nearly as unique as the life spell matrix. Besides, you can also use my functions. They are extremely useful.› Blood continued as Vincent restored a huge portion of his stamina and some units of battle energy.

'What? Care to explain?' Vincent internally said as he also focused on restoring battle energy.

‹There are a lot of them, and as explaining one by one will take a lot of time, I will like to transmit the information about what type of spell matrices you'll receive and about my functions directly to your brain. Will you accept?›

Blood asked as he thought it would be better to send the information instead of talking about it.

'Yeah, sure,' Vincent nodded.

Then, he felt dizzy as a massive amount of information in the form of video images flashed in his brain at once. Consequently, he kneeled down to the ground and placed his hands on the ground to support himself.

"This hurts bad," Vincent complained.

‹My bad, I forgot to remind you that there is a first-time side effect of receiving information through your brain.› Blood said as Vincent recovered from the dizziness and got up.

'No worries, it's similar to using a public teleporter for the very first time,' Vincent said with a smile.

The earlier images contained detailed information on various spell matrices. He thoroughly understood how these spell matrices will work. It's definitely because the information had directly become a part of his memory.

The latter images contained information about the functions of the Blood Evolution System. Some of the functions were hard to believe as they were compared to machines created with highly advanced technology.

However, these functions required an energy source to activate.

"The energy source required to activate Blood's functions is my experience points, but there's a free function I can use immediately," Vincent said as he decided to invest his attribute points to increase his overall strength.

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