《Blood Evolution System 》Chapter 16: Blood Evolution System!


The elephant was 10 times stronger than an average human being. Furthermore, its defense was even better than its strength, and although Vincent was only three times stronger than a human, he decided to fight it as he was three times faster than an average human while the elephant was just as fast as an average human. That means he can easily dodge its attack, and also outrun the beast if the situation turns unfavorable.

Vincent breathed twice to calm himself and steeled his heart for the very first hunt of his life, before putting the backpack beneath the bushes, and he then clutched both the daggers in his hands before stepping out of his concealed location.

"It's over Red Tusk Elephant. As long as I don't get hit, I'll be able to slowly chip away at your health. The battle is in my favor as long as I play my cards right." Vincent's eyes gave off a calculating flicker while his dagger gleamed threateningly.

"PAWOOOO!" The elephant raised its trunk to sound a battle cry as it charged ahead. Each step it took left behind a deep print on the ground and threw up dirt.

Vincent also darted ahead as he slid underneath the belly of the elephant and went past it. At the same time, he slashed on the ankles of its hind legs with both of his daggers. Mana Burner couldn't pierce through its thick hide, however, but a visible gash was made on its hide by the inky, black dagger, Executioner.

"Oh, it can only charge in a single direction because of its huge body. Since that's the case, I can easily evade by changing my position when it charge," Vincent thought as he evaded the tusks by moving to the left as the elephant smashed into a tree.

Outraged, it continuously charged at Vincent, trying to squash him under its meaty limb and trunk and impaling him with its tusks like a mindless beast. However, Vincent dodged every single one of its attacks as if he was able to predict its movements. Not to mention, he also repeatedly slashed at the ankles of its hind legs.


The first few attacks made with the daggers dealt a little amount of damage to the beast, but as he continuously slashed at the same place, the daggers were able to pierce deeply into its tough skin causing blood to run down from it. The wounds created by the beast's weapons grew increasingly larger as the rampaging beast didn't notice that its health was decreasing unit by unit as blood flowed out of the wounds.

"This rampaging beast just might squash the precious herb. I better lead it away from here!"




The elephant smashed through a few trees as Vincent led it away from the magic herb filled with life force and his backpack loaded with purple poisonous grasses.

Vincent activated his transcendental-grade combat technique, Body Empowering as they reached several meters away from the magic herb. All 30 units of battle energy were consumed as Vincent's base power temporarily doubled. Previously, Vincent was three times stronger and faster than a human but right now, he was six times stronger and faster.

The duration of this skill was only one minute, however. After that, his strength will lower down to his base power. Worst of all, after all that running and attacking he was running low on stamina.

‹Stamina: 5/30›

"I must end this in one move," Vincent thought as he turned around and charged forward towards the beast, suddenly spinning around to the sides just when he was inches away from being impaled by the elephant's tusk. Immediately after, he performed magic empowered slash using his inky, black dagger on the elephant's hind leg.

The power of the dagger increased as it consumed 10 units of mana each. Moreover, the penetration effect of Executioner doubled as it was swung with a strength far greater than before.

Blood tainted the green grasses as the daggers cut through the elephant's ankle like a hot knife passing through butter. The Red Tusk Elephant came crashing down hard on the ground as one of its thick feet was completely chopped off.


Its eyes glared at Vincent with resentment as flame energy quickly gathered at the center of its mouth opened widely. Even after discerning that the beast was about to use its ability, Vincent was not afraid nor worried about anything.

"Finally, it's about to use its ability. I've been waiting for this moment for a while." Vincent thought with a calculating smile plastered on his face as he started to perform a set of hand signs to channel his magic power into the magic technique "Mana Bullet".

Vincent's eyes narrowed to slits as an enormous amount of magic power burst forth from his forefinger, twirling and compressing, condensing into the shape of a bullet.

"Magic Technique: Mana Bullet!"

It took a mere split-second for him to create and blast the mana bullet at the wide-opened mouth of the beast.


The pale blue bullet, barely larger than the size of a finger, whizzed towards the beast's mouth with a hissing noise.


The mana bullet penetrated the incomplete fireball, slicing it in two halves. After a split second, the incomplete fireball burst up, creating a fiery explosion in the beast's mouth. Flames gushed down its throat and a powerful cascade of brilliant fiery flames burst out of its mouth, roasting it inside and out.


The elephant fell to the ground with an audible thud, roasted through and through. It was cooked, in and out by its own flames.

"From the very start till the very end, the beast has been dancing in the palm of Vincent's hand. I only lectured him once about the true essence of Viper Hunt, yet he executed it perfectly a few hours later, excellent!" Theodore's wooden clone that has been spying on Vincent, said as it started to meld into the tree just a few meters away from the point where Vincent stood. "It won't be good if I get caught and labeled as a stalker... I should better leave..."


Meanwhile, Vincent frowned as he abruptly felt pain assaulting his senses. At least he knew the reason why blood was running down his nose, and why he was feeling tired and drained. The utilization of magic techniques and transcendent grade combat techniques creates a physical and mental drain on one's body. Using too many could cause adverse effects on the body, muscle pain, headaches, and losing consciousness were the most common ones while the rupturing of the heart was among the most severe adverse effects.

He was suffering from somewhat mild adverse effects of overusing techniques.

Vincent's vision was turning blurry, as blood was dripping out of his nose and his black hoodie was being stained scarlet but he didn't care, for notifications bearing great news has appeared right in front of him.

‹The owner has proved himself worthy of the name Sangue by slaying the low-level beast, Red Tusk Elephant. You've completed the heritage mission. Congratulations, the blood evolution system is assimilating with the owner's body.›

The pendant illuminated Vincent in a scarlet hue as he felt like thousands of ants were crawling over his body. The glow dimmed down almost instantly and the discomfort filling him vanished right after.

‹The Blood Evolution System has assimilated with the owner›

Vincent clutched the ruby pendant worn hanging from his neck as a few more notifications popped up.

‹ Life Spell Matrix has been activated ›

‹ Converting Red Tusk Elephant 100 units of Life Force into experience points ›

‹ You've obtained 100 experience points from the beast ›

‹ Lv 1: 100/100 ›

‹You have leveled up ›

‹ 5 Attribute points obtained ›

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