《Blood Evolution System 》Chapter 13: Teleporter


"You'll have to wait for some time as it will take a while for your license to be approved." Old Jack asked, "How about coming early in the morning to get it?"

"It's okay, I'll be waiting here," Vincent replied.

"Fine then," Jack said before entering the registration office and notifying Lorraine that Vincent has passed the tests.

Meanwhile, Vincent sat on the chair placed near the registration office. In his fight against Theodore, he has exhausted all of his battle energy. Magic power is present everywhere on Earth, and a person only needs to breathe or rest to restore it. In contrast, battle energy required the execution of unique breathing patterns to be restored. Thus, he breathed in a unique rhythmic method to restore his battle power. It was being restored by a few units every several minutes, and it seems like it was gonna take a while for it to restore to the limits of his body.

A while later, Vincent saw Lorraine walking towards him with a smile. She handed him a card and a guidebook.

"Here's your adventurer license. You can access different facilities meant for adventures by using your license. While you can use this book to know your way around the adventure association and its facilities." Lorraine explained the advantages of becoming an adventurer to Vincent.

[Name: Vincent Sangue

Age: 16

Rank: D-rank explorer

Specialty: Inscriptionist]

The rank of an adventurer was divided into planets explorer and space traveler. Each rank was further divided into F to S. F being the weakest and S being the strongest. An adventurer could increase his rank by completing missions issued by the adventure association.

"Since I am an adventure, I can use the teleporters to travel from one place to another, right?" Vincent asked as he stored the ID in his pocket.

"Yes, however, although you've permission to go almost anywhere on Earth without a visa, you can't travel to other worlds without a visa. After all, you're only a low-ranked planet explorers. However, you can explore other planets by using our teleportation service without a visa once you become a space traveler ranked adventurer," Lorraine explained calmly.

"What do I need to do to increase my adventurer's rank?"

"You will need to complete missions issued by the adventure association." 

"I understand," Vincent nodded.

"Be careful not to lose your license. If you somehow lose it, you must inform the adventure association immediately." Lorraine warned.

"Why?" Vincent asked with a curious expression.

"First of all, it's costly to apply for a new license. Second, someone can use your license to commit evil deeds under your name, and that'll land you in a lot of trouble. But if you inform us immediately then your license will be revoked, saving you and us a lot of trouble." Lorraine explained as she looked at him with a serious expression on her face.


Vincent knew that bad and evil people exist everywhere in the world. An adventure license could be used to scam someone and even be used to take advantage of someone's immaturity. For example, a commoner with no hope of becoming an adventurer would be awed if an adventure favors him, and then that adventurer can take advantage of that person in various ways, and thus, it was illegal and a crime for adventurers to groom or mislead non-adventurers.

"If such a situation ever occurred I will do as you say." Vincent thanked Lorraine and excused himself.

The guidebook contained a map of the entire adventure association and its facilities.

Thus, Vincent opened the guidebook and used the mentioned route to reach the resting area. Then, he sat down on a sofa and began to earnestly read it all.

"Let's see what benefits I got from becoming an adventurer. Hmm, I have free access to most of the services provided by the adventure association. I can use the auction to purchase the items I want and sell the items I do not need. Information can be legally bought from brokers, but I don't think anyone will be selling information about a treasure filled with life force. Lastly, I can use teleporters for free but only three times. Then I will have to pay for the teleportation bill. For now, I should hurry and teleport to the Silver Moon Island," Vincent thought before he walked towards the teleportation section of this branch of adventure association.

Soon after, he reached the teleportation section. This section was well-decorated with golden tiles and luxury paintings.

Once he tried to use one of the teleportation devices, his request was denied. The reason being that he could only go to the silver moon island if he accepts a quest related to that place.

'If I want to teleport to the island, I first need to accept a mission. Furthermore, I will be punished if I fail to complete the mission in seven days. Ugh, what a shitty rule." Vincent rolled his eyes in frustration. "Let's be positive about it. Do everything calmly," he said to calm himself before he looked around to take a mission.

The place was filled with electronic displays, also called mission boards, which showed what missions have not been completed, the newly published missions, the expired missions, and the recently completed missions.

'It should be fine if I accept a mission to gather magic herbs that is easy to complete. I will be able to experience what it feels like to complete a mission and be rewarded, after all. Furthermore, it won't be time consuming!'

Vincent was interested in completing such a mission as it would be easy to gather magic herbs while roaming around the island to look for the thing that'll help Leila.


He began looking through most of the missions that were requested by the residence of the Cloud Tower City, but he was met with disappointment as most of the missions were related to bringing back beasts, alive or dead, but he didn't have anything to carry the huge corpses of beasts.

He only had a small backpack that could store several average-sized magical herbs, and it also takes a lot of time to hunt down the beasts, thus, he almost lost all interest in accepting a mission, when suddenly, just as he was about to look away from the mission boards, his gaze stopped at a particular mission that he could easily complete.

[Forger Uto has issued a collecting request for Purple Poison Grass which can be found in Silver Moon Island.

Conditions: Purple Poison Grass×20

Rewards: 100 magic power stone (low-level)

Danger level: D-]

'This mission isn't hard as I heard that no beasts guard these grasses as they are inedible even by beasts' standards. The reward of this mission isn't half bad, moreover. It doesn't clash with my main reason for going there, either. I can complete this mission while roaming around the island,' Vincent thought as he walked to the receptionist.

Magic stones are stones that contain magic power. It's used to restore magic power. It's not useful on Earth. However, it's useful in worlds and places with no magic power. The only way to recover magic power in such places was to use magic stones and similar products.

"Miss, I would like to accept this quest," Vincent said to the beautiful receptionist.

The receptionist said, "Are you sure? You might think it's easy but there's a huge chance of encountering deadly magical beasts while roaming around the island."

"I am sure as I have ways to evade such encounters."

"Okay then, please show me your adventure license." The receptionist said, "I need to verify that you're eligible for this mission."

The mission an adventurer could accept was limited by his rank. As a D-rank explorer, Vincent can only accept a mission with a danger rating of F to D.

"Here you go," Vincent said as he gave his license to the beautiful receptionist.

"The mission has been assigned to you. The maximum time limit of this mission is one week, and you need to hand us the requested item within seven days. Otherwise, not only will your mission become invalid, but you will also receive a penalty." The receptionist said as she returned his adventure license.

"What kind of penalty?" Vincent asked.

"You won't be able to accept any mission for a week, and the penalty will get worse if you fail three missions in a row." The receptionist said, "Remember to give the requested item to any receptionist of the mission clearance section after you finish collecting. They will hand you the reward."


"Alright, I will," Vincent said before he walked towards the nearest teleporter.

"Theodore, what are you doing here?" Vincent said as he saw Theodore entering through the door and walking towards one of the many teleporters.

"Oh, you're also here, my mission to supervise the combat tests is completed, and now I am just going back home," Theodore replied. "What about you, where are you going?"

"To the silver moon island, to hunt down beasts and get some herbs, that's about it, I guess."

"Be careful not to venture too deep into the Silver Moon island as a lot of powerful beasts resides in the central region," Theodore warned. "See you soon!" He added with a mysterious smile before he stepped inside the portal which had generated in the center of the teleporter.


The teleporter was in the shape of a triangle two times bigger than an average human. It was covered with silicone rubber. A panel was attached to the teleporter. A person can choose which city's or place teleportation section they want to go to by inputting the information on the panel. Teleporters could open a portal to other teleporters. For example, if there were teleporter at points A, B to Z. Then you could go from point A to any points and vice versa.

The teleporters of adventure association building followed the rule of self-service. He was expected to do everything by himself, but as he has read the guidebook, he knew what to do.

As Vincent gained access to the teleporter by using his adventure license, the silicone rubber sealing the teleporter immediately vanished. Then he inputted his desired location on the panel and a portal to the Fortress established in the Silver Moon Island generated in the center.

A second after entering the portal, Vincent found himself in the teleportation section of the Fortress established in Silver Moon Island.

Fortresses are places heavily guarded by soldiers. They are usually established in Earth's Wilderness, places where beasts and monster resides, as safe points for adventures whether they be explorers or travelers. The teleporters are also set up in the teleportation section of the fortress. Except for keeping the beasts outside of the fortress walls, the soldiers guarding the fortress also save teleporters from being harmed or worse, destroyed by a maniac.

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